Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Deep space open for business

  • YC107-07-09

    The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently announced its newly drafted contract with the well known Firmus Ixion Alliance. Their goal; the colonization and industrialisation of deep space. Publicly, the details of the contract are sketchy at best, but one thing is known for certain. Firmus Ixion has openly invited Interstellar Starbase Syndicate[ISS] member corporations to start a new life in FIX space. Count TaSessine, Chairman of the ISS had the following to say in reference to the company's [...]

    Last emissary winner announced; Autrech jubilant

    • YC107-07-01

      The final winner of the presidential emissary competition has finally been announced after the Federal Administration was forced to do a recount of certain Autrech vouchers. The winning corporation is Dark Star Enterprises and it will receive a navy issue Megathron the same as others. Eman Autrech took time from his busy schedule to express his great joy with this announcement: "I was greatly distressed when I didn't see Dark Star Enterprises on the first list of winners. I know their CEO, Kale [...]

      Ushra’Khan convoy brings aid to Mabnen

      • YC107-06-14

        Events in Mabnen were brought to a new level last week when the infamous freedom fighter alliance the Ushra’Khan entered the fray, transporting thousands of tons of supplies and aid to the Minmatar Freedom Extension station in orbit around Mabnen VII, allocated for distribution to the beleaguered slaves on Mabnen I. Traveling in a fleet of 60-70 ships, the convoy of Ushra’Khan and other loyalist Matari ships left Pator early Sunday evening and proceeded to travel to Mabnen, where the aid was collected [...]

        EVE gate bears witness to a beautiful union

        • YC107-06-08

          12 days ago, under the wan light of the EVE gate, a couple were bound by the strongest and most permanent force known to mankind: love. Quirc and Layrah, members of EVE Defense Force and Ascendant Frontier alliance, were bonded in wedlock by Rash'kyu Wha, a master of ceremonies from Polaris. Solemnly intoning his benediction and blessing under the stars, Rash’kyu formally pronounced Quirc and Layrah husband and wife. The following is a partial transcript of the ceremony. Rash'kyu Wha > Ladies and [...]

          Calling all Speed Junkies

          • YC107-06-04

            The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium is holding two races tomorrow in the Molden Heath region of the Minmatar Republic. I had the opportunity to speak with Benilopax, Co-CEO of the ALMPC, who had the following to say: "With these races, I hope to bring my local Constellation together, as well as all of the other corporations who will join the festivities tomorrow." There will be two main races; the first, to begin at 15:00 EVE Time, will consist of a waypoint-to-waypoint flight around the [...]

            New corporation races into the limelight

            • YC107-05-27

              Electron FluxX and Imiarr Timshae, co-founders of a new corporation calling itself "Eve Race", are two names which could easily become common utterances in the coming months. As the name suggests, Eve Race is dedicated to bringing regular racing events to the capsuleer population. Since the project has only recently been set up, things are still very much in the planning stages. However, Mr. FluxX did grant me some minor details. The races will be divided into three different tiers; Beginner, [...]

              Newly formed Militia calls for Gallenteans to unite

              • YC107-05-23

                The first official press release from the newly formed Eidolon Milita calls on fellow Gallentean citizens as well as others interested to join their cause and to defend the ideals on which the Federation was built on. Following the loss of the Gallentean Titan Molyneux to the Serpentis and the inability of both politicians and the Federation Navy to prevent it from happening, Eidolon Militia, calls on capsuleers to defend "our freedom, our safety, and the ideals we hold dear, not some distant, [...]

                Ushra’Khan restore their pride in Istodard

                • YC107-05-18

                  The Ushra’Khan were once again under assault this evening in the Istodard system, from the mysterious pilots who have been hounding them for the past couple of weeks. However this time the outcome was much different to previous encounters. The pilots had not been in the system for long, scouting around for prey before the Ushra’Khan fleet managed to assemble and block the gate which was the scene of the fateful encounter only a few nights previously. When the stage was set the two fleets met, but a [...]

                  Amarrian paramilitaries recoil as esteemed admiral leaves their ranks

                  • YC107-05-17

                    Yesterday was not a good day for the Amarrian Paramilitary organization, the CVA, as it lost one of its most prominent members and Admirals – Golan Trevize. Today I met with Mr Trevize to discuss his reasons for leaving PIE, a corporation he has been a major part of for a number of years. Although he was reluctant to give his reasons for leaving past stating that it was for "personal reasons" due to "unsolvable differences between myself and PIE senior staff". He was, however, was willing to reiterate [...]

                    Ushra’Khan under assault from new foe

                    • YC107-05-17

                      The Ushra’Khan, an alliance of many of the most prominent Minmatar freedom fighter corporations is no stranger to combat. They have been at war with the Curatores Veritatis Alliance for many years, a war which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of pilots on both sides. In the past few weeks however, they have found themselves under assault from another group. These pilots, of mixed ethnicity and backgrounds, flying almost exclusively Angel "Tyrant" class battleships have been [...]

                      Special 2 year anniversay BIG lottery

                      • YC107-05-12

                        After two years of lotteries on a bi-weekly basis, BIG has decided to celebrate their 53rd round with a special lottery in honour of their second year anniversary. Regular BIG lotteries only feature one winner, claiming the first prize of 250,000,000 isk. This time however to reflect the special occasion BIG has doubled the first prize and added other prizes, including a variety of Tech II items. We at the Interstellar Correspondents department have managed to get in contact with BIG’s CEO, TornSoul [...]

                        Special 2 year anniversary BIG lottery

                        • YC107-05-12

                          After two years of lotteries on a bi-weekly basis, BIG has decided to celebrate their 53rd - “2 year anniversary” - round with a special lottery. Regular BIG lotteries only feature one winner, claiming the first prize of 250,000,000 isk. This time however to reflect the special occasion BIG has doubled the first prize and added other prizes, including a variety of Tech II times. We at the Interstellar Correspondents department have managed to get in contact with BIG’s CEO TornSoul for a few questions [...]

                          Mysterious attackers revealed, ring leader uncovered

                          • YC107-05-10

                            Mr Frantian Brinor has been a long term employee at Perkone, managing warehouse storage and manufacturing processes for many years. Though sadly as was found out last night, as the body recovered from his ships wreckage was identified as him, he had lead not just Perkone, but everyone astray. He has been positively identified as the man behind the mysterious ships that have been plaguing most of The Forge for nearly two months now, causing innumerable deaths. A man who has lied to countless citizens [...]

                            The Story of Ascendant, Xetic and the infamous Five (Part 2)

                            • YC107-05-07

                              What struck me during the interviews with both Yoristar and Chowdown is that both commented on a meeting that happened between Five and Xetic, they however do disagree on who started the negotiations and what exactly it was about. Chowdown said the following on the matter: "A Xetic leader approached us for a conversation to do a deal with us regarding the future of Xetic, what he proposed was hopeful at best. This brought an end to our talk, however he was talking for a united Xetic but after the [...]

                              The Story of Ascendant, Xetic and the infamous Five (Part 1)

                              • YC107-05-07

                                Ever since the announcement was made that several corporations were leaving the Xetic alliance, everybody has been asking the same question: why? I was lucky enough to arrange several meetings with leading officials from several involved parties. I interviewed Chowdown and Smith both from Shinra, and thelung198 from Arcane Technologies. Both these corporations belong to a group of corporations known as the Five. I also talked to Yoristar from the corporation 911, belonging to the Xetic alliance, and [...]

                                Piecing together the puzzle - contraband trading

                                • YC107-05-03

                                  After several busy nights in the Nonni and Jita systems, where large quantities of contraband have changed hands, speculations grow as to who might be the driving force behind these purchases. Among the contraband obtained are drugs, slaves and DNA samples, giving new strength to suspicions about their use in a drastic new research project. So far only two freelance traders, Kerio Ekoena and Leiara Xjenion have been positively identified as buyers, supposedly working for a third party corporation. [...]

                                  Marauders Sweep through Providence and Catch

                                  • YC107-05-03

                                    Late yesterday evening at 10pm EVE standard time, a fleet of what have been described as ‘Marauders’ were reported to have been probing defences across the Providence and Catch regions. Military analysts have described the actions against pod pilots as ‘more in line with probing techniques rather than that of true acts of piracy’, Marauder attacks have been reported throughout the regions and a number of industrial ships have not reported in from their transport routes. The main sightings of these [...]

                                    Mysterious attacks draw closer to home

                                    • YC107-05-02

                                      In a further turn of events, ships, which had formerly been appearing within the Ihatalo constellation near the Paala system, re-appeared last night much closer to the central Hub systems within the region. The perpetrators of the act are again the mysteriously named “liosH riesunS” corporation, who have been randomly attacking pilots an pirates such as Kyogen Steiner for weeks now. Last night they attacked again near the Osmon system, without provocation and again CONCORD ships took no action to [...]

                                      A new breed of alliance emerges from the freelancers in EVE

                                      • YC107-05-02

                                        Yesterday the Genesis region, home of CONCORD and the widely accepted centre of civilised space, played host to events far from usual, even for this heavily trafficked region of space. Converging from all over the known universe, ships flocked to the CONCORD Assembly station to celebrate the formation of a new alliance. An alliance which, according to its founders will allow pilots to “choose their own destiny”, as was announced by senior alliance officials. This alliance calls itsself the FLA, or the [...]

                                        Incompetent courier may have blown secret pirate operation

                                        • YC107-04-26

                                          The system of Scolluzer, like many others in EVE is a hive of activity, where thousands of pilots make deals they hope will bring them riches. Tonight it played host to a different and altogether more suspicious deal which was, rather oddly, discussed over the local communications net. Roni Rylly, an old pilot with a less than impressive resume was waiting to meet a courier who was somewhat more than late. A second pilot, Emilio Ostaban offered to use a location agent to find the missing courier. It [...]

                                          Ubiqua Seraph suffer major blow, days after their alliance formation

                                          • YC107-04-19

                                            Ubiqua Seraph, an Amarr Loyalist corporation that is well known for their unique stance on Amarr politics, was the victim of the largest corporation theft in living memory earlier this week. The theft occured mere days after the official formation of the Aegis Militia alliance, of which Ubiqua Seraph was the executor. Ubiqua Seraph had been struck by the Guiding Hand Social Club, a corporation which, according to GHSC founder and public relations officer Istvaan Shogaatsu, "offers...unconventional [...]

                                            A new power rises from the Empire

                                            • YC107-04-17

                                              Empires rise and Empires fall, but tonight saw the rise of the latest one, for tonight was the ceremony which formally announced the formation of the Aegis Militia Alliance. Meeting in Haras, at the second starbase they have opened to reclaim the system from the Blood Raiders, pilots from the 4 member corporations, Murkon Prime Interstellar Productions, The Aeternus Crusade, Amarria Auxillia and the executor corporation, Ubiqua Seraph, ratified the charter which they have all sworn an oath to follow. [...]

                                              interview with Kaleigh doyle - Posthumanism presses on

                                              • YC107-04-08

                                                Lately, the Intergalactic Summit on GalNet is the source for a relatively new group of people, the posthumanists. One of these people, Kaleigh doyle, has erected a political party, and is currently trying to run for Gallente President, a candidacy that has not yet been confirmed or denied. I have had the opportunity to send her a short list of questions, on her party ideals. In the past, you have been mostly associated with public actions surrounding the Glamour Bunnies, as well as feeding and housing [...]

                                                Imperial Cross located – Hamish trading it for Mamet 500

                                                • YC107-03-23

                                                  Hamish, CEO of the Tribal Trust of Pator and High Council memberof the Ushra’Khan, was revealed to have commission the theft of Golan Trevize’s prized award. In an open communications channel on GalNet, he confessed to have the Cross stolen: "I have your medal in my possession. I am the one who commissioned its theft, although I did not carry it out personally. Since you so kindly provided a log of how you dealt with the hoaxer Budy, I know exactly how to deal with you now. The medal remains in the [...]

                                                  Admiral Trevize questions budy - Medal not in his possession

                                                  • YC107-03-22

                                                    In an earlier news report, we stated that a pilot known as "Budy" claimed to be hold Admiral Trevize's prized medal. this information turned out to be false, as you can read in this open GalNet channel Although it is unknown who holds the medal at this time, has been studied by Admiral Trevize. It shows his prized slaver dogs were manipulated by an as-yet unidentified individual. Again, we will have more inormation when it becomes available.

                                                    An Interview With Jade Constantine

                                                    • YC107-03-16

                                                      Since the demand was made two days ago by freespace radicalist organization The Star Fraction that Amarrian nationalist paramilitaries the Curatores Veritatis Alliance hand over to them 500 Sebiestor slaves due to be auctioned off in the near future, the GalNet forums have been awash with debate. The Interstellar Correspondents recently managed to get a hold of owner-captain Jade Constantine of the SF for answers to a few questions surrounding the situation. Soleil Sarrasin: Miss Constantine, there [...]

                                                      Inconsistencies in news piece - Hamish of Ushra'Khan straightens them out

                                                      • YC107-02-24

                                                        Hamish of the Tribal Trust of Pator issued a statement regarding the latest news piece involving the Ushra'Khan alliance, a Minmatar freedom fighter organisation. I have chosen to re-print the statement in full. You can find the original piece on the GalNet forums here. "I would just like to correct some misunderstandings that seem to have snuck into the piece. First I'd like to point out that the reporter in question was present for the escort at our invitation and was provided with information and [...]

                                                        Empire set back - Ushra'Khan acquires Imperial Armageddon

                                                        • YC107-02-23

                                                          The Ushra’Kahn rejoiced this week in what they see as a key victory over the CVA and other Amarr loyalists; acquisition of one of the famed Imperial Issue Armageddons. Icarus Starkiller, the Minmatar who received the ship won it in the popular BIG lottery. The fact that an Armageddon was the prize had been massively publicised and many Minmatar put in their money hoping to win it and have something to show against the Amarr Empire. Fortunately for them, one of them won. The Minmatar pilots jeered [...]

                                                          Caldari Gaming Commission to Host Award Ceremony Tonight

                                                          • YC107-02-04

                                                            The Caldari Gaming Commission this evening will host an award ceremony for the winning team of this year's COLOSSUS championships. The reception, to be held at Lai Dai's headquarters in Airkio, will be hosted by Gaming Commission Head Airas Sukela and Lai Dai CEO Alakoni Ishanoya. Ten Caldari Navy-issue Ravens, a Caldari Navy-issue Caracal and a Caldari Navy Hookbill will be given away in addition to the grand individual prize, a fearsome Rattlesnake battleship. The winners of the Year 106 COLOSSUS [...]

                                                            Xetic Federation Inaugurates President

                                                            • YC107-01-31

                                                              The largest alliance in the galaxy, The Xetic Federation, inaugurated their first elected president on Saturday in Yulai. Hundreds of Xetic members, as well as representatives from most of the other major alliances, turned out to witness the event and participate in the festivities. The onlookers cheered as Conram of the XTrading Company, and CYVOK of Celestial Horizon were sworn in as President and Vice President respectively. President Conram made a stirring speech about the future and called upon [...]

                                                              Gunship - from CA nobody to War General

                                                              • YC107-01-28

                                                                A little while ago, I had the pleasure to do a little research regarding the rumoured demise of the Curse Alliance. One of the people I interviewed was Gunship, ex Curse Alliance war general. While talking to him, it became apparent that he had a tale to tell. I decided to publish the tale, as it was told to me. From CA nobody to War General. - By Gunship First of all, this is my story; there are thousand of stories. What you read here is based on facts (no lies), my facts, my views and my perception. [...]

                                                                Rise of a New Imperium

                                                                • YC107-01-28

                                                                  With the recent collapse of the Curse Alliance, many displaced corps have been trying to find their way in the galaxy. The latest, and surely the biggest, new group to arise from the ashes of the Curse Alliance is Imperium. Imperium is made up of a coalition of corporations that have been working together for the past few weeks inside the Syndicate and Outer Ring regions, including Vengeance of the Fallen, Rona-KIA, ClanKillers, Ascendance Industries, and Rome but to name a few. This new Imperium is [...]

                                                                  Veil of tension in Providence starts to lift

                                                                  • YC107-01-18

                                                                    Providence: a region which has been the stage for one of the most elusive band of pirates seems to be now returning to normal, as reports of attacks on vessels have decreased. Mercenary fighters have been swift to claim recognition for this turn of events. After hearing the warning issued by the Amarrian defence forces, alerting their citizens to the dangers in providence, they decided to take matters into their own hands. One mercenary was boasting that they "have driven the pilots from the region, [...]

                                                                    Molden Heath - Engagements

                                                                    • YC107-01-16

                                                                      Never has fighting in the Great Wildlands region ever surmounted to such a point it would ever spill into empire space. Last night, the resident faction in Great Wildlands 'The Keiretsu' sought to take the fight to claim the Great Wildlands region further than most would have ever expected by chasing and engaging resistance forces 'The Foundation' in the empire system of Egbinger. Molden Heath locals looked on in complete disbelief as the Great Wildlands resistance forces the Foundation fought a [...]

                                                                      Abolition party of Amarr rally goes ahead as scheduled despite setbacks

                                                                      • YC107-01-15

                                                                        During recent weeks, galactic recognition of the Abolition party of Amarr has gone from strength to strength. This Thursday saw their third rally in as many weeks, where they were trying to gather support for their cause, and send their messages to the hearts of the governments of whose systems they choose to rally in. And with each rally, more pilots of all races voice their support, most importantly perhaps the many Matari freedom fighter corporations who, although initially sceptical and [...]

                                                                        Arcane Technologies Industrial cup cancelled

                                                                        • YC107-01-09

                                                                          Arcane Technologies regretfully announced that they had to cancel their eagerly anticipated “Inter Alliance Industrial Cup” because of lack of interest. The Cup was scheduled for today. For all the hype and interest which this sparked, no teams decided to participate, leaving the organisers disappointed. However, that is nothing compared to the millions of extreme sports enthusiasts who were preparing for what they saw as the biggest sporting breakthrough since the mind clash and SplinterZ. However, [...]

                                                                          Curse Alliance membership drops drastically - Alliance leadership not concerned

                                                                          • YC107-01-09

                                                                            In the days since the last article on the Curse Alliance, its member count went from roughly 2300 to around 700. Although it is impossible for us to confirm which corporations have definitively left the Curse Alliance, we received a list of those that have taken up Stain Empire’s offer from thebold. These corporations have presumably left the Curse Alliance, for various reasons. The list numbers around 30. Judging from the number of corporations that are still left, these corporations are Kill on [...]

                                                                            Anti-slave rally with a twist

                                                                            • YC107-01-08

                                                                              Yulai, the centre for trade, diplomacy and travel, last Sunday played host to yet another chapter in the ensuing conflict of interests between the Amarrian slavers and the anti-slaver factions. Although the various systems have seen many rallies with the aim of freeing the slaves in mind, this one was slightly different. Instead of being organised and run by a Minmatar freedom fighter corporation or alliance, this one was initiated by an Amarrian citizen. Shira d'Radonis, a member of the Abolition [...]

                                                                              Impressions of battle - the Yulai Slave Rally

                                                                              • YC107-01-07

                                                                                My ship came out of warp near Yulai 3 with a shudder while explosions flared around me. A battle was raging during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest against slavery. As I tried to make sense of what I saw, I caught the telltale streaks of ships entering warp. I had arrived just as one side of the conflict retreated, leaving the field of battle to a PIE fleet, golden Apocalypse and Armageddon battleships, along with smaller ships, surrounded by the forlorn shapes of abandoned drones, most [...]

                                                                                Battles Continue in Syndicate

                                                                                • YC107-01-07

                                                                                  Yet another major battle occured tonight in the VV-VCR system of the Syndicate region between the forces of JQA/3rd Front Alliance and a loose coalition of ex-Curse Alliance corporations. Despite a valiant effort on their part, and a great deal of determination, the JQA/3rd Front forces were overmatched. This is the latest in a series of battles that have occured over the last week within syndicate between these two groups. When asked before the battle about the fighting, Clipped Wings of the 3rd [...]

                                                                                  Shinra leaving Curse - dark times ahead for troubled alliance?

                                                                                  • YC107-01-06

                                                                                    Yesterday, at 00:00 eve time, Shinra announced their departure from the Curse Alliance. As Shinra is one of the first members of the Curse Alliance, some say one of the founding members, this comes as quite a surprise. Chowdown, one of the two Shinra leaders, explained Shinra leaving as follows: "Although we still have a lot of friends in the CA, and we are very proud of what we achieved as an alliance, our member base was growing tired of facing the unrelenting pressure of our enemies, Stain Empire, [...]

                                                                                    Stain Empire: Cease of Hostilities

                                                                                    • YC107-01-06

                                                                                      The following is an unedited press release from the Stain Empire. From: HQ Stain Empire Felix Legion TRANSMISSION Fellow Stain Citizens The path, that lies behind our great nation is long. After one and a half years of war, of fighting, killing and dying, it is full of tears and blood. The hostility between us and the Curse Alliance came out of aversion and mistrust from a small number of corporations. But during our war the respect for each others has grown. Both armies fought brave with ferocity and [...]

                                                                                      Ceremonial mourning turns to bloodbath as Navy forces intervene

                                                                                      • YC107-01-03

                                                                                        What was supposed to have been a peaceful event, where Caldari from all walks of life could remember the passing of Caldari Prime into Gallentean hands, turned into a bloodbath. After Jera, the CEO of the celebrated soft drinks manufacturer Drink Starsi™, host and main speaker of the event, arrived and welcomed the participants, Gallente Navy vessels warped to the scene and opened fire on Jera’s Industrial class vessel. While Yuki Li of Omerta Syndicate warned the Navy in local channels that further [...]