interview with Kaleigh doyle - Posthumanism presses on

Lately, the Intergalactic Summit on GalNet is the source for a relatively new group of people, the posthumanists. One of these people, Kaleigh doyle, has erected a political party, and is currently trying to run for Gallente President, a candidacy that has not yet been confirmed or denied.

I have had the opportunity to send her a short list of questions, on her party ideals.

In the past, you have been mostly associated with public actions surrounding the Glamour Bunnies, as well as feeding and housing the homeless. How did these efforts inspire you become a politician?

Recent complications with Federation authorities regarding our employment program, coupled with a lack of genuine interest by the presidential candidates towards the needs of the pod pilot community has inspired me to seek representation in the government. As a progressive reformer and passionate humanitarian, I believe we need a candidate that’s willing to lead this nation towards the future, not into the dark abyss of bureaucracy and incompetence. Could you explain to us briefly what the posthumanist party represents?

The Posthumanist Party stands for the progression of freedom and individuality with a focus on visionary ideals and the technological advancement of our society. We also seek adequate representation for the pod pilot community and an active voice in the governing bodies of the Federation. We feel that our significant contribution to the prosperity of the interstellar economy of the entire nation merits such a voice.

How do you feel posthumanism is relevant to the billions of planet bound citizens, who haven't the means to enjoy it's fruits?

The primary focus of the Posthumanist Party is not only for the proper representation of the pod community, but to elevate the technological capabilities of our people to make them accessible to the countless billions that strive daily throughout the Federation. To do so requires the government to facilitate an environment conducive to technological growth, as opposed to bureaucratic expansion or pursuing personal agendas.

In this election, three candidates are running for Presidency. Can you explain where your party programme differs, and what your opinion is on their views?

Our chief responsibility is to encourage the availability of high technology goods made more readily accessible to the average Gallente citizen by enticing planet bound corporations to invest in interstellar trade and increasing the economic infrastructure of the Federation. This includes a 500% increase in capsule pilot training and government subsidizing of the high tech sector to encourage growth.

And as for the programs of the current Presidential candidates, I feel Suoro Foiritan’s push for increased government autonomy of regional entities and championing CONCORD as a diplomatic effort is wise, but even his charisma can’t hide the incompetence of his last term. I fully support Mr. Autrech’s desire to promote interstellar trade, but we also need a strong visionary leader that’s willing to take risks and challenge the system, and Eman is definitely not that leader. I also agree with Mentas Blaque’s push for an increase in navy funding to supplement interstellar trade, but funding needs to be derived by trimming the government bureaucracy, not from CONCORD. His isolationist and xenophobic tendencies add a dangerous element to the fragile peace between our nations, and threaten to tear our nation apart once more with the Intaki people.

For whom will you be voting, should your candidacy not be accepted, and why?

I would encourage all pod pilots who believe in the ideals of the Posthumanist Party to exercise their right to not vote should we be excluded from the presidential elections, and refrain from accepting the bribes and promise of political favor from the existing candidates, as it merely encourages them to deny us the proper representation we deserve. The establishment needs to know we aren’t its lapdogs, and we demand our voice be heard.

In closing, do you have anything to say to the public?

The Federation and its people deserve a strong President to lead them into the future, and that future lies with the posthuman community and technological affordability for the masses. Our goal is to present a candidate that not only reflects the needs of the pod pilot community, but to every citizen in this great nation. Too long has the stale political machine rumbled to its own agenda as its citizens suffer from lack of support. Too long has our proud democracy atrophied at the hands of apathetic elitists that buy their way to power.

I have the vision and I want to lead the Federation into the future.

So here you have it. Kaleigh Doyle and the Posthumanist Party are ready to lead the pod pilot and planet-bound population towards the future, hand-in-hand. Wether or not she will succeed in her bid for presidency remains to be seen. We look forward to new developments.