Piecing together the puzzle - contraband trading

After several busy nights in the Nonni and Jita systems, where large quantities of contraband have changed hands, speculations grow as to who might be the driving force behind these purchases. Among the contraband obtained are drugs, slaves and DNA samples, giving new strength to suspicions about their use in a drastic new research project.

So far only two freelance traders, Kerio Ekoena and Leiara Xjenion have been positively identified as buyers, supposedly working for a third party corporation.

Rumours as to who this corporation is have begun to grow throughout the local population. Especially the presence of Jashira Ne’rgha, an employee of Galactic Trading Logistics, whose presence on those nights has been noticed, suggesting some sort of involvement. It is believed that she has acted as a vendor of large quantities of contraband on several occasions, supplying millions of ISKs worth of her illegal goods.

Jashira Ne’rgha has not been reachable for a comment and the continued refusal of a statement from CONCORD and the local police in Jita and Nonni, leaves the public to nothing more than rumours and speculations.