Ushra’Khan convoy brings aid to Mabnen

Events in Mabnen were brought to a new level last week when the infamous freedom fighter alliance the Ushra’Khan entered the fray, transporting thousands of tons of supplies and aid to the Minmatar Freedom Extension station in orbit around Mabnen VII, allocated for distribution to the beleaguered slaves on Mabnen I. Traveling in a fleet of 60-70 ships, the convoy of Ushra’Khan and other loyalist Matari ships left Pator early Sunday evening and proceeded to travel to Mabnen, where the aid was collected and distribution began. Reports indicate that it is still being transported to areas of Mabnen I which were devastated by the riots and responsive Ammarian air strikes; however a significant amount has already reached some of the most desperate.

The convoy, however, may not have just been transporting aid supplies to the slaves – some sources have indicated that while in Mabnen the Ushra’Khan fleet secretly deployed several armored battalions of marines planetside along with a large amount of extra weapons and vehicles for the revolting slaves. Whilst the official line from the Ushra’Khan council is that no military force was deployed, the vast discrepancy in the total cargo hold space of the aid convoy and the tonnage of aid delivered disputes this claim.

A confirmed report of an event such as this could significantly damage Minmatar -Amarr relations – the deployment of Minmatar armed forces on an Ammarian world is something the universe has not seen since the great rebellion, over 100 years ago.

The lack of reaction from the Emperor on these events is certainly worrying for the citizens of Amarr – the normally heavily secured planets of the empire allowing a known freedom fighting element to distribute unwarranted aid and possibly even deploy troops within Ammarian sovereign space sets a precedent for other such operations in the near future – combine these with the increasing Blood Raider menace and there looks as if some very trying times are ahead for the Amarr Empire.