Molden Heath - Engagements

Never has fighting in the Great Wildlands region ever surmounted to such a point it would ever spill into empire space. Last night, the resident faction in Great Wildlands 'The Keiretsu' sought to take the fight to claim the Great Wildlands region further than most would have ever expected by chasing and engaging resistance forces 'The Foundation' in the empire system of Egbinger.

Molden Heath locals looked on in complete disbelief as the Great Wildlands resistance forces the Foundation fought a bloody battle with The Keiretsu at the gates.

Reports from locals indicate over 100 ships were seen fighting, neither intent on letting up, regardless of the rattling fire from the empire Sentry guns.

As the sentries took their toll, the fleets started to scatter and retreat, escape pods and ship debris from both sides were seen strewn across the gate. This messy battle proves that the conflict may actually run deeper than many may have first thought.

In the past, many of The Foundation corporations had been individually at war with former occupiers of the Great Wildlands, the Curse Alliance. The Foundation seem to hold the same principles to fight any new faction trying to claim the region and have banded together in response.

The Keiretsu, friendly or NAP'd with most of the major powers in EVE seem committed to regain control and instil order to the war ravaged former Curse Alliance region - the Great Wildlands.

Whether this conflict will continue to escalate will certainly be a concern to the major powers in EVE and a definitely situation to watch carefully in the future.