Mysterious attacks draw closer to home

In a further turn of events, ships, which had formerly been appearing within the Ihatalo constellation near the Paala system, re-appeared last night much closer to the central Hub systems within the region. The perpetrators of the act are again the mysteriously named “liosH riesunS” corporation, who have been randomly attacking pilots an pirates such as Kyogen Steiner for weeks now.

Last night they attacked again near the Osmon system, without provocation and again CONCORD ships took no action to rectify the situation. The attacks continued for two hours, before they all mysteriously disappeared once again into space.

Worryingly, these attacks are drawing closer and closer to the hub systems in and around “The forge”. CONCORD officials are worried about what might be happening and have put all of their ships on high alert within and around the region, to be vigilant in capturing these ships for questioning.

Those who have come into contact with the pilots are urged to stay away, unless they think there is a possibility they can capture one of the pilots for questioning.