Deep space open for business

The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently announced its newly drafted contract with the well known Firmus Ixion Alliance. Their goal; the colonization and industrialisation of deep space.

Publicly, the details of the contract are sketchy at best, but one thing is known for certain. Firmus Ixion has openly invited Interstellar Starbase Syndicate[ISS] member corporations to start a new life in FIX space.

Count TaSessine, Chairman of the ISS had the following to say in reference to the company's move: "This development is the first step in a new era of collaboration and industrialisation in deep space." When questioned about the company's goals, he replied, "It is our goal to assist alliances develop in deep space and to see these vast territories come alive and reach their true industrial potential."

Firmus Ixion Alliance, or FIX as they are more commonly known, currently claim ownership of dozens of solar systems in deep space. This contract with the ISS seems to be the first step in a large-scale industrialisation operation, which could mean the construction of many additional starbases throughout FIX space, providing the manufacturers of empire with the moon minerals that are required to build the latest ships, modules and luxury goods.

Corporal Hicks, of Firmus Ixion had the following to say: "This mix of political, military and financial interest has long been underway. For us, the contract with the ISS signals the start of a new era of expansion and wealth for Firmus Ixion and our citizens."

The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate is headed by an Operations corporation, which serves as a mediator between host-Alliances and smaller corporations who wish to reap the benefits of 0.0 space. When the political framework is in place, the individual ISS corporations run their day-to-day business alongside the host alliance, to their mutual benefit.

In military terms, the ISS holds a neutral stance, though it does possess a limited defensive capability which is provided to its member corporations via the ISS Navy Task Force. The organisation also operates a separate logistics division which handles deep space shipping.

For information on this development, or on either of the organisations involved, please contact Corporal Hicks of Firmus Ixion, or Count TaSessine of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate.