Ushra’Khan restore their pride in Istodard

The Ushra’Khan were once again under assault this evening in the Istodard system, from the mysterious pilots who have been hounding them for the past couple of weeks. However this time the outcome was much different to previous encounters.

The pilots had not been in the system for long, scouting around for prey before the Ushra’Khan fleet managed to assemble and block the gate which was the scene of the fateful encounter only a few nights previously. When the stage was set the two fleets met, but a completely different act was played out.

According to the fleet commander, Maggot described their tactics, "we opted to use a large number of disposable ships in this battle, our losses were more than acceptable." The size of the Ushra’Khan fleet, estimated at over 30 ships of mixed classes completely tore into the 10 Angel Tyrants, who were seemingly completely unprepared for the aggression they were presented with. Pilots who are prepared and expecting to loose their ships for the good of their fleet have been regarded as some of the most dangerous pilots in history. This engagement was not an exception.

When the battle was over, and the wreckage had dissipated figures of the battle were taken. At least 3 tempests, several cruisers, 3 breachers and an interceptor were destroyed on the defending side, whilst the 10 attacking pilots were completely destroyed and in several cases were podkilled.

Speaking in a triumphant atmosphere after the battle, Maggot said "I hope we have delivered a clear message to whoever is behind these attacks, and we look forward to further response or communication from the perpetrator or sponsor." The pilots celebrating on the field of victory were also echoing Maggots sentiments, talking about their satisfaction in wiping out the threat after the pilots had left before their main fleet could engage them on the last occasion.

The victory is still being celebrated, but whether it is to be the final engagement in a still mysterious state of affairs is something that no-one can comment on.