Calling all Speed Junkies

The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium is holding two races tomorrow in the Molden Heath region of the Minmatar Republic.

I had the opportunity to speak with Benilopax, Co-CEO of the ALMPC, who had the following to say: "With these races, I hope to bring my local Constellation together, as well as all of the other corporations who will join the festivities tomorrow."

There will be two main races; the first, to begin at 15:00 EVE Time, will consist of a waypoint-to-waypoint flight around the Republic University station in Hroduko. The second race, which will commence at 17:00 EVE Time, will be a real test of skill; a warp/jumpgate race around the Hulf region.

The entry fee for both races is 100,000 isk, and the prize money will be the sum total of all entry fees collected, as well as another, more mysterious prize. If interested, please be sure to contact Benilopax, and have your speediest setup ready to race tomorrow!