A new power rises from the Empire

Empires rise and Empires fall, but tonight saw the rise of the latest one, for tonight was the ceremony which formally announced the formation of the Aegis Militia Alliance.

Meeting in Haras, at the second starbase they have opened to reclaim the system from the Blood Raiders, pilots from the 4 member corporations, Murkon Prime Interstellar Productions, The Aeternus Crusade, Amarria Auxillia and the executor corporation, Ubiqua Seraph, ratified the charter which they have all sworn an oath to follow.

Their alliance has been formed to defend the Empire and the Amarrian people from any threats that it may face. The officials for the alliance made it quite clear that they do not believe that Emperor Doriam II is doing enough to protect the Amarr Empire from the threats it faces, and that for it to be protected properly they must take matters into their own hands. The Alliance executor, Mirial, also spoke passionately about "Bringing light to wherever darkness may be".

It is their unique stance where they pledge to defend the Empire, even if it goes against the will of the Emperor, which they believe sets them apart from other loyalist alliances. Mirial said, "We are guided by our faith and dedication. Too often now, there is internal corruption within the Empire. We stand for the Empire and the Amarrian people, which is distinct from the interests of any Emperor. Often the two coincide but not always and the interests of God and Empire are the greater goal", highlighting a previously unheard of lack of faith in the Emperor.

The ceremony was attended by many pilots from the member corporations, almost exclusively in Amarr Battleships, including an Imperial and a Navy Apocalypse. In a spectacularly well rehearsed display of technical flying they swarmed in formation around their new starbase as their charter was ratified. Many of the pilots, overcome with awe cried out with respect and admiration that all of their hard work was finally achieving fruition.

Once the charter was ratified they wasted no time in declaring war on the Ushra’Kahn, branding them as heathens, rebels and terrorists. The motion for war was passed unanimously with no abstentions, saying that the war would only be retracted "once they stop their terrorist actions".

As a further and final act, to seal the ceremony, the fleet proceeded to wipe out a rogue drone hive, which had taken up residence in the Hara system, sweeping through the deadspace pocket with merciless efficiency.

Once the ceremony was over Mirial spoke of the future, stating that she believes the dedication of every single member of the Aegis Militia will allow them to see the trials ahead through. She also expressed her hope that more Pilots and corporations would join the struggle once their plight is known. She spoke finally of an economic boom thanks to the starbases in the system, delivering them riches previously unthought-of to strengthen their power.

Tonight a new empire has risen, whether it will fall is up to the test of time, but ask anyone in Haras who has seen the forces present whether they think the alliance will fall, and they will be hard pressed to say yes.