Anti-slave rally with a twist

Yulai, the centre for trade, diplomacy and travel, last Sunday played host to yet another chapter in the ensuing conflict of interests between the Amarrian slavers and the anti-slaver factions.

Although the various systems have seen many rallies with the aim of freeing the slaves in mind, this one was slightly different. Instead of being organised and run by a Minmatar freedom fighter corporation or alliance, this one was initiated by an Amarrian citizen.

Shira d'Radonis, a member of the Abolition Party of Amarr lead the gathering, calling for an end to slavery, which she believes is hurting the Empire by suppressing the free market, undercutting the wages of Amarrian citizens.

While other plots and groups were in attendance campaigning for an end to slavery for humanitarian reasons, the focus was more on the economic, with Shira delivering her message to the pilots in the system, and fiercely defending her viewpoint from all who disagreed with her.

Shira had to defend herself from numerous people calling her a “traitor” to her race, to which she replied, “I am a devout Amarrian, I keep the Pax Amarria by my bed always. But I don't agree with some of the practices of our society. I don't want to overthrow the Emperor or our Faith, merely to bring freedom to everyone. All men have the right to be free.”

CVA representative Siobhan was less than impressed with the Amarr anti-slavery movement, pointing out its lack of support. She cited an earlier, less well publicised rally which it is claimed was used as a front to attack the CVA, and even in that instance the numbers who showed up were minimal.

Representatives and pilots from the Ushra’kahn alliance, a group of Minmatar who are fighting for their enchained people’s freedom, were few and far between at this rally, and those that were there had to defend themselves against the CVA, who took it upon themselves to combat “known terrorists who interfere in our affairs, who slander our traditions and culture”.

Even so, Hamish, a top board member from Ushra’kahn, applauded the rally, saying that the fact some Amarrian people were willing to see the issue from their viewpoint was vindicating. “Their reasons for supporting the abolition of slavery are irrelevant. The end result will be the same, no matter why people work towards it “.

Shira d’Radonis said at the end that she had made many new friends and supporters at the rally, and planned to hold more events of this nature in the future. Whatever happens though, this is the first major incidence of Amarrian citizens openly speaking out about one of the foundations of their culture.