Amarrian paramilitaries recoil as esteemed admiral leaves their ranks

Yesterday was not a good day for the Amarrian Paramilitary organization, the CVA, as it lost one of its most prominent members and Admirals – Golan Trevize. Today I met with Mr Trevize to discuss his reasons for leaving PIE, a corporation he has been a major part of for a number of years. Although he was reluctant to give his reasons for leaving past stating that it was for "personal reasons" due to "unsolvable differences between myself and PIE senior staff". He was, however, was willing to reiterate that "the speculations on Gal-net by various propagandists are rubbish. From Russo, from Star fraction, from the Ushra’Khan - they are all wishful thinking, driven by hate envy and fear."

Resting in his estate, Golan informed me that although he had received numerous offers for employment upon his retirement from the Amarrian paramilitaries he had not decided upon a course of action, but did state that "I will never lift arms against the CVA - that is just the wishful thinking of the terrorists dogs."

Despite the recent events which, along with the resignation of Trevize, include allegations made by the CEO of another Ammarian Paramilitary Organization, Russo of corruption within the PIE admiralty. PIE are managing to maintain a brave face – when I spoke to vice admiral Siobhan she informed me that PIE were in fact going from strength to strength, and that although they have lost a great and inspirational leader this will not deter them from their duty to God.

What long term effects this will have is unknown, however we can be sure that the members of the Minmatar freedom fighter alliance, the Ushra’Khan are rejoicing as one of their most fearsome enemies has left the field of battle.

You can read the full resignation announcemant here