Battles Continue in Syndicate

Yet another major battle occured tonight in the VV-VCR system of the Syndicate region between the forces of JQA/3rd Front Alliance and a loose coalition of ex-Curse Alliance corporations. Despite a valiant effort on their part, and a great deal of determination, the JQA/3rd Front forces were overmatched. This is the latest in a series of battles that have occured over the last week within syndicate between these two groups.

When asked before the battle about the fighting, Clipped Wings of the 3rd Front Alliance had this to say. "Well, we were taken somewhat by surprise at the tenacity of the ex-Curse Alliance pilots at first. It's a matter of adapting. They won the last night's combat in VV-VCR, but when fighting here, in our homeland, we have stood fast. (We are)determined. This is our home. We will fight, until we have nothing left to fight with. And we are looking forward to once again freeing this space, that we may realise our ideals: To make Syndicate a safer place to be for the innocents."

When asked why these corporation had entered Syndicate, Number One of JQA had this to say. "They are looking for a new home. Most of all the good pvp corps left CA. JQA are not as good at pvp but they have alot of heart. It is not easy to overcome people on their home ground, we shall fight until we are victorious. We do not take pirating in our space lightly."

Clearly the inhabitants of the region don't intend to lie down and let the ex-CA members have free reign in their claimed territory. The attacking forces are made up of such ex-CA corporations as Supremecy, RONA-KIA, Vengeance of the Fallen, Armored Assassins, and Mercenary Forces.

When asked why they had invaded Syndicate, Gareitonis of VotF had this to say, "We're engaged in team molding activities, so to speak. It is not our intention to steal thier home. (Syndicate) We will go where the battles are best, but we will not lay claim to any space at this time."

Whether or not this loose coalition will at some point lead to a more official group is yet unknown. Clearly however this is a force to be reckoned with. As for the future of Syndicate, it is far from decided on this night.