Corporation Spotlight: Pro Synergy

In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the next in our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series.

This edition's corporation in the spotlight is Pro Synergy; looting and salvaging specialists who operate in systems across high sec.

The corporation seems to be thriving despite changes to the rules and regulations governing salvaging and looting of wrecks. Most of these changes are a result of the appearance of salvage drones and mobile tractor units, which make it much easier for the average capsuleer to salvage their own wrecks.

To get a closer look at Pro Synergy, we spoke with the current CEO, Ashla Boga, and Nikolai Vodkov who was the founder of the corporation.

Pro Synergy is always recruiting due to their high turnover rate; the salvage/looting occupation is very lucrative and new pilots who join them to make ISK can often move on to better things within a few weeks.

The corporation lives by the motto "Prosperity through Synergy." Since the creation of the corporation, its focus has been to clean up after high sec mission runners, and then split the profits between the mission runner and the salvager pilots. The intent is to give these industrious capsuleers a leg up on their continuing journey through the EVE universe. Over the years they have built a support community and continual comradery that welcomes anyone into the circle with a very positive and constructive attitude.

Some capsuleers eventually advance on to "office administration" or general corporation assistance; the administration side is pretty unique as it works similar to a franchise - recruits are given the training and help to get set up in their own office space, but success and failure is up to the individual member.

Office admins are free to choose where they set up, and to a good degree how they run their office, within the corporation guidelines. Anything in high sec with mission wrecks is fair game, so the corporation's service landscape changes occasionally.

This decentralised structure where every office has its own administration team has allowed the corporation to remain strong during transitions; new office admins generally "rise from the ranks" within their own cell.

Nikolai Vodkov, the corporation's founder, is not currently an active member of the board as he has been occupied with other commitments, but he was happy to discuss the founding of the corporation: "I started it completely by chance actually. A friend of mine has been working for various corporations around Caldari space, fighting various pirate factions. The wrecks she was leaving behind were littering the space and millions worth of loot was decomposing, going to waste. She realized that all these wrecks of former pirate ships could be salvaged by younger capsuleers for a good profit. The story behind it all is actually much longer and more complicated, but the gist of it is that it came out of necessity."

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