Drifters destroy Celebrations

Disaster Strikes As Drifters Attack Capsuleer Celebration

Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] was celebrated its 12th birthday on June 27th in Sarum Prime at approximately 16:00 New Eden Time. The celebration included a great display of Amarr unity, as called for by Empress Jamyl Sarum . Some capsuleers had been waiting in the system for over two hours to participate in the event. In addition to over 200 capsuleers, the Amarr navy was also present.

Among the many speeches JedsZero had this to say: "The presence of Drifter Battleships in the most secure… and most sacred… areas of Amarr Space cannot be allowed. This is why the Empress is attempting to bring unity and stability to New Eden."

Within minutes of that statement, Drifter ships arrived on scene; not one or two but en masse, an entire fleet ready to rain destruction and strike fear. Their actions seemed to be solely on disrupting any organized attempt at keeping them from Amarr space. The number of ships destroyed is still unknown as is the value of the losses. Early estimates are over 12 billion isk destroyed in a matter of minutes.

One of the most costly losses was the Marauder flown by Lt. Ethidium Bromide of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE] worth an estimated 1.75 billion isk. When interviewed in regards to the events of that fateful day he commented that "the timing of the attack seems very, shall we say, deliberate".

After the combined efforts of [CVA], [PIE] and allies had decimated the majority of the Drifter fleet Lt. Ethidium Bromide came into the focus of 4 Drifter battleships and he recalls that "The damage dealt by the Drifters was substantial and my armor repair module could not hold up. The crew did their best to overheat all stabilizing modules but in the end the TES RIGHTEOUSNESS was destroyed within seconds."

Many mourn the losses of the great battle but Lt. Ethidium Bromide said "I mourn the death of many good women and men not only aboard my ship but also on the ships of our fellow loyalists. This engagement showed that the Drifters are a threat to all of New Eden!"