Catch Region Faces Change

Catch - Infamous for being one of the bloodiest and most heated regions in all of 0.0 security space and neighbor to Immensea, home to B-R5RB, site of one of the largest battle in New Eden 's history, the citizens of Catch are no strangers to war.

For about a year, the HERO coalition has occupied Catch and has suffered constant invasions from every side. Since their occupation of GE-8JV it has become one of the deadliest system in the Cluster with ship deaths numbering in the hundreds on a slow day. Unbeknownst to HERO, however, the chaotic clamour of their system was about to fall dreadfully silent.

For months, Pandemic Legion had been constantly harassing the Hopefully Effective Rookie Organization by attacking key points of their sovereignty, forcing the coalition to respond. Despite the constant attacks, PL assured HERO that they were not there for their sov, and that they were simply there for "good fights". Heavy criticism of PL from HERO began when Pandemic Legion began dropping ships that vastly outgunned the swarms of rookie pilots, including the infamous Tempest Fleet Issue and several fleets worth of Super Capitals and Titans. "We use things to our advantage (better ships)" said Ron Mexxico, the Campaign Leader for Pandemic Legion in Catch; "They use numbers...a lot of the time we were fighting like 700+ people with maybe 100 man fleet". But HERO morale dropped rapidly when time and time again HERO was hard countered with supers and ships that simply outclassed them, piloted by capsuleers far more skilled. Assured that nothing would come of their sov, HERO began either outright ignoring or letting objectives fall. Arik Alabel, the now ex-Military Director of the HERO coalition stated "Line members [were] tired of forming to fight a fleet comp that is next to impossible for them to 'win' [against]."

Growing more and more impatient at the new passiveness of HERO leadership, Pandemic Legion gave HERO an ultimatum; fight or die. The GE-8JV outpost was put into reinforcement, and HERO quickly evacuated every asset out to HED-GP while under heavy fire from PL Supercarriers and harassment fleets on their undock. Less than a week after the loss of GE-8JV, the HED-GP Infrastructure Hub fell with the outpost being taken by PL the following day. After a year of being the most active, dangerous and bloody region in the Cluster, Catch suddenly fell silent as Pandemic Legion left destruction in it's wake. "We wanted to harden them up and bring them around with us" Mexxico continues "but they fell apart in our hands...they don't have any direction" With HED-GP's outpost final reinforcement still ticking down, HERO sounded the retreat, and left Catch entirely after two days of non stop "hell camps" from PL.

Arik Alabel said, "I would call Catch a... wonderful experiment I think it was an incredible showing of force of new [pilots] and proved that sov null wasn't reserved just for renters and massive power blocs... it forced BRAVE especially to grow and adjust quickly as doctrines no longer were viable in the new space, FC's weren't accustomed to the 'strat op' fleets."

HERO has completely evacuated Catch, leaving everything they couldn't escape with. PL is burning the final bits and is handing it out to the highest bidder, including the wormhole superpower Hard Knocks Inc. HERO has deployed to Aridia to follow the ongoing Delve/Fountain conflict.