Corporation Spotlight: Es and Whizz

In an effort to bring you more information about your friends and neighbors, as well as enemies and rivals, we introduce the first of our semi-regular "Corporation Spotlight" series.

Our first target in the spotlight is the corporation "Es and Whizz" of "Hedonistic Imperative" [RELAX] who on the 5th of this month celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The corporation evolved from a humble smuggling operation moving illegal goods within the empires to a full blown manufacturing concern providing an end-to-end illegal products solution.

For the entire month there will be celebrations including (but not limited to);

  • Special Illegal goods discounts across New Eden.
  • Instructional classes in the illegal markets and the end-to-end production of illegal goods (In Conjunction with EUNI).
  • A special fleet operation for friends, family, customers and the general public to join in on.

For further information on the celebrations contact Zam Zumah and Ni-Zha, "The Commisar of Truth."

To have your Corporation highlighted in this new segment contact ISD Jarrett Pelley with your celebrations and events.