zKillboard rewards 50 millionth recorded kill

Squizz Caphinator, the owner of zKillboard, has been waiting for eight years to give out a reward for a secret contest. Every capsuleer in New Eden was taking part, although none of them knew it. On November 5th, YC117, the moment he had been waiting for finally arrived - the 50 millionth kill since December of 2007 had occurred, but due to the exact 50 millionth kill being an unreported kill, the 50 000 001th kill was the winning kill for the contest. Revileushin Eyri had unknowingly won the two billion ISK prize.

"It was definitely my lucky day," said Eyri

Revileushin Eyri was flying his Atron in a fleet with Saxxa Roth'gar, who was flying a Navy Hookbill. The two came across i-mones RUS in a Punisher and killed him, but then they came across a Navy Comet piloted by Din Crowdan. Saxxa Roth'gar's Navy Hookbill fell victim to the lone Navy Comet, and Revileushin Eyri followed suit. i-mones RUS was lucky, and was joined on the kill by Din Crowdan. Both these capsuleers received 1 billion ISK for their part in the 50 millionth kill.

"The death itself was just another one," Eyri said when asked about the event. "Most of the ISK has been spent getting more ships for me and my friends to shoot with."

Squizz Caphinator runs zKillboard, a service dedicated to showing capsuleers their victories and defeats. Squizz has been tracking capsuleer kills since YC112, and was very excited for his service's milestone.

"I was really hoping it would happen during my prime time, but it occurred while I was sleeping. I still haven't gotten my paws on the absolute 50 000 000th kill, since whoever that was must have been killed by a pirate. But the next one works for me," said Caphinator. "It's very exciting. It shows that New Eden continues to live despite all the drama."

Caphinator has plans for the 75th millionth and 100 millionth milestones as well, but it will probably be some time before those milestones are reached.