Federal Pilots Raid Into Nourvukaiken

In another display of disdain for the Caldari Navy and the State Protectorate militia, Friedrick Psitalon and his Dead Parrot Shoppe comrades led a raid into the Nourvukaiken system on the evening of the sixth.

Nourvukaiken has been a major staging area for the State Protectorate with easy access to Tama, an entry point into the contested zones. The stargate to Tama itself has been used repeatedly as an assembly point for State fleet ships. One such assembly was interrupted when Friedrick’s raiders jumped into Nourvukaiken and engaged the surprised State pilots.

A major attempt was made by the State Protectorate to repulse the invaders at the gate. The annihilation of that State fleet led the surviving pilots to rally at the local State Protectorate station for another attempt. Rather than allow the fleet to operate unhindered, Friedrick split his force and sent a long range attack group to the station. Upon arrival, the task force was denied action as the State pilots docked their ships en masse. Rather than waste time waiting for possible targets to undock, the task force returned to the main force.

Several minutes later, reports came in that a large State fleet was undocking. Although outnumbered almost three to one, the Federal fleet took the fight directly to them. After inflicting several kills, Friedrick pulled the fleet back through Tama for the night.

Friedrick’s sortie netted 80 kills in the hour and half his fleet occupied this Caldari stronghold, and added Nourvukaiken to the Militia Office’s "Dangerous Systems" list.