Bringing Order to Chaos

Anarchy reigns in the militia communication channels. No one knows what fleets are active, what they are doing, or who is commanding them. Within days of the formation of their militia, the Caldari had an effective organization. One Gallente pilot is trying to bring the same form of order to the Federal Defence Union.

Aegis Commander Remy Valios of Strix Armaments and Defence has been actively seeking corporate CEOs and Fleet Commanders to work with him in establishing a general council. While the council is not intended to control the actions of the militia, it is hoped that it will allow Fleet Commanders and corporations to work in conjunction with other active fleets and allies from the Tribal Liberation Force. There is no singular head to this council, as Valios has intended it to be run as a democratic gathering, in the true spirit of our Gallente forebears.

The fledgling council is off to a good start as several CEOs and Fleet Commanders have already joined the private communications channels.