Militia pilots slaughtered by comrades

Rancer - The war continues with numerous brave capsuleers giving their lives to ensure the freedom that we all hold dear.

These capsuleers now face a new threat, not only do they have to watch for the Federation forces but also for rogue elements within the State Protectorate itself, one such element are the members of a corporation by the name of 'The United'.

The United is a self confessed 'pirate' based corporation that has decided to join the militia not to aid the Caldari cause but to line their own pockets. The way they do this is to broadcast in the official militia communications channel for people to join a militia fleet that is about to start an operation to liberate systems along the border between Caldari and Gallente space.

Any capsuleer who responds is urged to make full speed to the fleet rendevous point that is normally given as being Rancer , once the militia capsuleer uses the jump gate to access the system they find themselves face to face with a gang of their own militia pilots who have started to warp scram, disrupt, jam and drain their capacitor. They are then given the option of paying a ransom or dying, with many being recent graduates and thus low on ISK, death is often the only option.

One capsuleer who came forward so that others may be warned was told to pay a 150million ISK ransom for his Raven, the capsuleer realised that the insurance on his ship would pay for almost the entire loss and therefore refused to pay the ransom and was killed.

When asked why they were killing their own militia members, pilots of The United had this to say "...who cares. we get kills. this militia nonsense means nothing to any of're speaking to people who honestly couldn't give a rats ass", and their CEO Katie Door said "...its an experiment in social engineering, how to capatalize on human stupidity for ISK gain." Letelio Denmun , the main fleet advertiser in the militia channel was heard to say "...we do not care who they are...we want isk and kill mails."

State Proctectorate pilots be aware of what fleets you are joining and fly safe.