The Star Fraction launches Erebus-class Titan

Black Rise - The Star Fraction completed the construction of an Erebus class Titan last week and has moved it into the Black Rise region for operations against the State Protectorate militia.

As told last month, The Star Fraction has been conducting operations against the Caldari militia by fighting against those that support the "tyrant" Heth. Previously limited to war declarations on selected State Protectorate member corporations, Star Fraction intends to raise the bar with the introduction of the titan to aid in their cause.

Jade Constantine tells us, "The vessel will serve as a mobile HQ for the Star Fraction movement and central command and control post for all revolutionary activities in the warzone. It will be stationed in the Black Rise theatre for rapid logistics and deployment of Star Fraction fleets and will see battle as a front line gunship and command and control platform in the upcoming months. The Titan was named the -JFS- Black Plan and was unveiled to an audience of free captains after a sequence of jumps through contested low sec to enter the Black Rise theatre"

Vaden Khale had this to say about the announcement, "…What this ship will be good for is drawing out every outlaw within 20 jumps the first time they dare bring it to the frontlines. The Black Plan? You would be more accurate to call it the Target Beacon. Despite their ideals, I do not believe Star Fraction stupid enough to field this vessel in any location that it cannot utilize its doomsday device. And as I also do not believe them stupid enough to create a vessel that costs a king's fortune for virtually no purpose, I believe this pronouncement to be false."

Despite the skepticism of many, The Star Fraction has indeed deployed The Black Plan to a system in Black Rise. As for the restrictions on the usage of a doomsday device, Jade reiterates the role the vessel will play; "Titan class vessels have extremely powerful logistics capabilities and from a staging base in Black Rise free captains will be able to hit any system near instantly with the power of the Black Plan's jump bridge capability."

Ms. Constantine tells us that it will be several weeks before the titan is properly fitted and ready for action against the State Protectorate in the Black Rise region.

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