Amarr Militia Free Ship Give Away

Several people have gone to great lengths to support the Amarr Militia in their time of need. Most notable are HuLiGaNkA and DanFraser. DanFraser has been giving away fitted Punishers to any pilot who needs one and HuLiGaNkA has been working to supply DanFraser with the needed modules to fit the ships and is also directing all logistical support for the Militia.

DanFraser's background is an interesting one.

"Well, I signed up for the militia as soon as I could get the corporation joined up. I was joining a few fleets and finally got my Abaddon destroyed. So, I bought a replacement Abaddon and then thought, 'I have 70 million ISK left over'. So, I decided to buy 100 Punishers and their fittings. I got a friend to help haul it all to Kuomi and started announcing [the give-away]. That was on Saturday evening and not long ago the 100th was given away.

"In that time I have received donations totalling 610mil (Including 95 million ISK I've donated). I'm planning on adding frigates and destroyers to the list...[I have already] ordered around 700. I've just been informed the first batch will be done in four hours. The donations led me to ask HuLiGaNkA to go and get me a huge amount of modules totalling around 200 million ISK.

"My aim is to provide free frigates and destroyers to the militia so that more people can get out there and fight."