Alliance Tournament VI Signups Open Tomorrow!

The Sixth Alliance Tournament is fast approaching, and signups for this popular tournament will begin on Friday, 19th December at 11:00 GMT. You can find the sign-up page here.

This year's tournament is not just limited to Alliances; Faction Militias has been invited to participate as well. You can learn more about the signup process for Alliances and Faction Militias here.

We also recently announced our new team of Expert commentators who will join us in Iceland for the tournament in early February. For more information, see CCP Charlie's thread here.

CCP Claw and the team have been hard at work finalizing the rules, and we are pleased to announce that the final set of match rules are now available in the Official Rules Thread. These changes include a small re-balance in the points cost of Heavy Assault Cruisers and Battlecruisers.

Finally, we have laid out the prizes that will be going to the winning teams. See CCP Mindstar's post for details.

The dates of the tournament are as follows:

  • Tournament Signups - Dec 19th - Jan 9th
  • Qualifying Round 1 - Jan 24th, Jan 25th
  • Qualifying Round 2 - Jan 31st, Feb 1st
  • Finals - Feb 7th, Feb 8th

Merry Christmas from the Alliance Tournament team!