The State Re-Organises

Nourvukaiken - The Secretary General in consultation with some of his top advisors has created four Directorates to assist in the running of the State militia forces.

The four new Directorates are:
Directorate of Strategic Planning [DSP] which will be headed by Drayco
Directorate of Economic Affairs [DEA] which will be headed by Asquiro
Directorate of Diplomatic Affairs [DDA] which will be headed by Krystal Engle
Directorate of State Affairs [DSA] which will be headed by Manela Solaris

Each Directorate has a committee that will help to formulate the direction that it will take and therefore the direction that the Militia will take. Those who are interested in assisting the committees have been asked to contact the Head of that Directorate.

On June 25th at 21:00, the DDA will be hosting it's first meeting that is open to all Militia members to discuss the new 'Caldari Militia Trade Program' , which in the words of the Director "...will function to provide our fleet with goods at BASE + 10% mineral cost, which is far below Jita prices, and certainly far below the region here around Nourvukaiken."