Wedding Celebration To Be Held In Rens

Pod pilot Ezekiel Nelson has announced the wedding celebration of corp mate Torahna to be held in the Rens star system at 22:00 on the evening of October 8th. The celebration will include a public lottery as well as some light entertainment.

The lottery is a 1 million isk per ticket affair. The pot will start at 300 million isk and grow with ticket purchases. First prize in the lottery wins the jackpot of isk, second prize will be an unfitted standard battleship of winner's choice, and third prize will be an unfitted standard battlecruiser of winner's choice. Tickets may be purchased through Ezekiel Nelson, or through DJ Ramps of New Eden Radio (whom we are told will be announcing the event).

Torahna will be piloting a destroyer fitted with tractor beams towing small secure containers emblazoned with "JUST MARRIED". Corp mates will try to destroy this vessel with rookie pod pilot ships. Among the antagonists will be Torahna's new spouse! Although all may witness this entertainment, be advised that full CONCORD regulations still apply to non corp members attempting to aid in the destruction of the destroyer.

Torahna's spouse has not yet made the transition from planet dweller to full time pod pilot. It is hoped that this celebration will spark an interest in joining the ranks of pod pilots.

Congratulations and good luck to the new couple!

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