Odamia Retaken By Federal Forces

After two months of occupation, the system of Odamia has been reclaimed by Federal forces.

In a three day operation called “Operation Padlock”, members of Mixed Metaphor corporation successfully recaptured Odamia, the first system seized by a militia since the Emergency Militia War Powers Act was enacted. CEO Andreus Ixiris of MXD tells us that the heroes of the day were Dreadchain, Gabriel Karade, and Carlos Jaeger. These three pilots were pivotal in taking the control bunker in the system.

The past few months has seen a virtual stalemate between the State Protectorate and Federal Defense Union. Although numerically superior, the Caldari have only been able to seize two systems, and have consistently been defeated in combat. As Andreus reminds us, “The territorial losses have been one thing, but the ship-to-ship battles have been quite another. We've consistently shown more skill in that than the Caldari have. We're at an obvious numerical disadvantage in terms of militia members but we still have considerably more confirmed kills than them. That speaks highly of our boys' competence.” Current statistics can be found here

Andreus believes that the current Amarr militia push is being backed by Caldari forces. With the Caldari distracted, Federal forces have been able to switch from a defensive posture to an offensive one. Once the Caldari refocus on this region, it may be too late for them to stop the Federal Defense Union's momentum.