The Logistics of War

In the continuing conflict between the Amarr Militia and those of the Republic and Federation the necessity for combat pilots is often the first thought on everyone’s mind. However, there is an important role to be played by those not necessarily on the front lines of the war, but rather working to make sure that those pilots fighting are never left in need of modules, ammo, or even a ship. We spoke to members of our militia that hoped to assist in creating a logistical backbone to keep our pilots supplied.

HuLiGaNkA, with assistance from Wraithstorm, has setup a new initiative to build a strong logistical base for the militia. The initiative itself was conceived following a meeting with fellow militia members, where they resolved to “get logistics sorted”. They plan to work with pilots that can mine, manufacture, and trade, to procure the necessary goods to supply militia members.

When asking HuLiGaNkA about importance of the work they are undertaking she expressed her strong feelings on the matter: “The lack of logistics might bring us [to an] unfortunate end of this war... and fast.” Wraithstorm had similarly sharp opinions: “logistics are the backbone to any war effort, with no replacement ships/gear you cannot win a war no matter how good you are”.

Although this crucial work has only just begun progress has already been made, with HuLiGaNkA mentioning: “I [have] brought around 50km3 of Modules, Ammo, and potentially [helpful] items into Kuomi.” She also commented that they are still looking for more good pilots to assist them: “The more the merrier. The more people that will join the logistic wing the more ships, ammo, modules will be created”.

Anyone wishing to join the effort should join the “24IC Logistics” FTL communications channel, where the initiative is being co-ordinated.