Max Damage Minimized in Deklein

Deklein - In the early hours of the 10th, Band of Brothers attempted to use its new ‘Maximum Damage’ warfare philosophy. The current residents of the region, Imperial Republic Of the North, stopped the juggernaut in three decisive battles.

Unable to bring the full force of its MAX assault into Deklein due to cynosural jammers, BoB was forced to use conventional ships in the opening moves. The initial attack occurred in VFK-IV where BoB attempted to neutralize the system’s cynosural jammer. Although evenly matched in numbers, IRON took the day when they deployed a locally available Avatar class Titan and fired the Doomsday weapon, destroying a good part of BoB’s fleet.

Several hours later, BoB once again attempted to take out the cynosural jammer in VFK-IV. In addition to the Avatar, an IRON Nyx class Mothership joined the front line battle providing support and fighter cover. The combined force of those two ships aided in destroying a majority of BoB ships with minimal losses to IRON.

BoB regrouped and launched another attack less than two hours later on the cynosural jammer in neighboring 2R-CRW. Although IRON was unable to deploy their Avatar, they defeated the BoB fleet in conventional combat with the help of allies Red Alliance and Pure.

One anonymous IRON pilot had this to say about the ‘Maximum Damage’ operation, "It doesn't seem to have been very successful for BoB…"

Krok elite of Red Alliance shared a similar view: "Operation 'MAXimum Damage' changed to 'MAXimum PODS going home'"

SpaceSavage, a member of Executive Outcomes (a member of the Greater BoB Coalition) had a different opinion: "If IRON believes they've stopped MAX, they are mistaken. The thing is with this sort of campaign is that you can’t really stop it. With logistics being so easy, with the industrial strength, the only thing that will stop MAX is if BoB/GBC say stop. The most dangerous thing in [space] is a roaming entity, a fleet that has no specific goals other than to level part of the map, so far we've taken out fleets, taken high value moons, killed defenders and then killed attackers. MAX is designed to inflict maximum damage, thus far, it’s happening. I think time will tell how efficient the campaign will be. I’m looking forward to many fights ahead; I was part of the group of 400 capitals that moved up here, a sight to behold, now all that’s left is for someone to challenge that fleet."