Amarr and Minmatar Tensions Boil Over

Several days ago, Amarr loyalists led by Rodj Blake traveled to Pator to urge the Minmatar leadership to restrain from violence. The pleas were not heeded as evidenced by the recent Minmatar attack on the Amarr Empire at Mekhios. The Imperial Navy was able to force the invaders from the Kor-Azor Region of the Amarr Empire and Derelik Region of the Ammatar Mandate.

Blake, CEO of PIE Inc., issued a Statement on the matter “I have no idea why they would attack us other than that they are bloodthirsty savages. The purpose of our operation to Pator was to attempt to get them to step back from the brink,..that appears to have failed.”

Shortly after the attack, scores of pilots including PIE Inc., promptly joined the 24th Imperial Crusade Militia in a show of dedication to the Amarr Empire. Under Blake’s leadership, the efforts of PIE have been mainly focused on the movement of supplies into their current theater of operations for rapid resupply of the militia.

“I call upon my countrymen to join us in this war. Many Amarrians have left the Empire to pursue other interests. To them I say this: now is the time to return home, become a minister of death and bring revenge for this unprovoked attack to the heart of the servants of the Demon.

In the days ahead, the Empire will need every Amarrian. No, it will need every person who believes that unprovoked offensive war is a sin against everything civilized. We need everyone who believes that the savage nature of the Matari attacks deserves justice to join us in ending this threat to peace and the Amarrian people."

Karn Mithralia, spokesman for Ushra'Khan, responded to the statement made by PIE:

"For the Amarrian Empire as a whole to talk of peace is laughable at best and nothing more than an attempt to deflect eyes away from the real issues – the enslavement of our people. For Pie Inc., an Amarrian Para-military, to do so is even more laughable – they exist purely to bring war to our people and protect the institution of slavery.

"Any one with eyes to see can spot the inconsistencies in this statement – PIE invaded Matari soil (as they have done for years), came to our very home-system and engaged in warfare. How they can then see this as a peace mission is beyond me. Delusional at best, bloody minded warmongering at worst.

"Violence begets violence; if they truly wanted us to ‘step back from the brink’ they would have stayed home and released slaves into our care. Do not be deceived by their worm tongues, they seek nothing more then the ‘reclamation’ of our entire race."

Karn also had this to say about recent events and militia activities:

"We’re overjoyed at the appearance of Elders and the events that unfolded over the last few days. Not only have our people risen but the whole ‘verse can now clearly see exactly what the Amarrian regime represents. The cruelty and scale of their reprisals can leave no one with any doubts as to what the ways of Amarr bring – tyranny and oppression for all.

"Moreover, they have the audacity to call Ushra'Khan murders.

"The Ushra’Khan is pleased to see so many of our brothers and sisters go to war. My only disappointment is that Concord was not destroyed in its entirety, once more we are forced to fight our wars as sanctioned by their rules. Rules that keep alliances such as the Ushra’Khan on the outside as best they can, rules that only appease the Amarrians and protect the institution of slavery.

"Now we must face permanent barring from high security empire space just to fight beside our brethren. Despise this situation as we do, we gladly give up such freedoms for the liberty of our people - indeed for freedom for all.

"Ushra’Khan have started ‘Operation Defiance’ and mobilized to Auga right on the border between Minmatar and Amarrian space. We are in discussion with corporations flying under the Matari Militia flag and members of the Tribal Liberation Force to determine how we can best work together. We have already destroyed many slaver vessels and will destroy many more as we find our feet in this new theatre of war."