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The latest news from around the cluster as told by the special reporters of the news organizations of New Eden.

CONCORD Urges All Out Assault on Blood Raiders as Attacks on Cloning Facilities Continue

    YULAI - CONCORD has issued a fresh call for independent capsuleers to join in an "all out assault against the Blood Raider Covenant's bases across New Eden" in response to continuing Blood Raider attacks on military and civilian cloning facilities. As the Scope has reported, Blood Raider forces have switched from covert operations using their "Cold Iron" strike forces to brazen assaults in full force, utilizing their newest capital ship designs. Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raider Covenant, has [...]

    Former SOE Alleges New Cloning Uses Project Discovery and Thera Research; Warns of Drifter Danger

      Aring, Genesis Region - Former Sister of EVE and Sanctuary scientist Taya Akira, notable for exposing details of the SOE's presence in Thera, has alleged that the new "Alpha" cloning technology recently developed by the SOE combines data from the SOE's Project Discovery, research from the Sanctuary's scientific outposts in Thera, and techniques hitherto unknown to New Eden's scientific community. Speaking exclusively to the Scope, from a secure location in the Aring system, Taya Akira warned that the [...]

      Caldari Megacorps Lead Military Cloning Efforts as Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa Provide Support to Caldari Navy

        New Caldari - Leading megacorporations Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa have announced they are providing technical, logistical and material support to the Caldari Navy, "in order to facilitate the most rapid uptake of advances in cloning technology for the security of the Caldari people and the preservation of our way of life". Usually positioned as great rivals in the complex corporate politics of the Caldari State, the Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa megacorps are generally considered to be the most powerful [...]

        Minmatar Tribal Council Calls for Candidates to Apply to Republic Fleet Capsuleer Recruitment Program

          Great Caravanserai, Matar - The Minmatar Tribal Council issued a call today for candidates from all seven tribes of the Minmatar to apply to a new capsuleer recruitment program of the Republic Fleet. It is believed the program will use the recently revealed new cloning technology, which Minmatar sources say considerably widens the pool of viable candidates for capsule adaptation. The Tribal Council has recently been meeting more frequently and regularly than usual in closed session to "discuss matters [...]

          Blood Raider Covert Strike Forces Raid Cloning Facilities; CONCORD Urges Capsuleers to Destroy Raider Bases

            YULAI - Multiple, widespread raids have been carried out across New Eden by covert strikes forces of the Blood Raider Covenant, according to emergency reports from all four core empires and CONCORD. Early reports suggest that a large-scale operation against all four empires was carried out overnight by covert raiding parties making use of specialized stealth nanocoatings. One report intercepted by the Scope's sources indicates that Blood Raiders operating under the designation "Cold Iron" used the [...]

            Blood Raider Covenant Calls on Sani Sabik Cultists to "Rise Up" and Raid Military Cloning Facilities

              ORVOLLE - Blood Raider Covenant leader Omir Sarikusa has broadcast a call for Sani Sabik cults to raid military cloning facilities across the four core empires of New Eden, whether they be in space or on planets. The Scope's GalNet and FTL comms monitoring service picked up the open and unencrypted call by Omir Sarikusa early this morning. In remarks laden with Blood Raider and Sani Sabik imagery, Sarikusa calls for "the faithful of our covenant of blood to rise up and reclaim the purest flesh before [...]

              New Capsuleer Cloning Technology Developments Already in Use by CONCORD Powers; SOE "Bypassed CONCORD Treaties"

                YULAI - New capsuleer cloning technology has been revealed to be in use by the four empires comprising the main CONCORD powers, according to a communique issued today at the conclusion of a special session of the CONCORD Assembly. Delegates from each empire confirmed that the new cloning technology is being used by their militaries to expand the pool of viable candidates for naval capsuleer recruitment. It has also been revealed that the Sisters of EVE supplied the specifications for the new [...]

                CONCORD Assembly Special Session Called by Inner Circle; Technology Sharing on the Agenda?

                  YULAI - CONCORD's Inner Circle has issued an urgent notification of a special session of the CONCORD Assembly to be held at an undisclosed location. CONCORD Assembly delegates have been asked to be on standby at the CONCORD Bureau in Yulai on the morning of Friday 14th October. The DED has reportedly mobilized the Sanctum Fleet to its highest state of readiness in preparation. While the subject of this special session is unknown, sources within the Secure Commerce Commission have told the Scope of [...]

                  Theology Council Issues Advisory Exhortation on Status of Cloned in Amarr Doctrine

                    AMARR - The Theology Council's highest deliberative body, the Supreme Sobor of Theology, has issued an "Exhortation to the Faithful" in response to Empress Catiz I's request that the deacons and justices of the council consider the needs of the "New Era" declared upon her coronation. The exhortation, an advisory judgment on the interpretation of Amarr scripture, adopts a newly unified position on the status of cloned human beings in the Amarr religion, significantly improving their standing within the [...]

                    Amarr Empire Enters New Era as Imperial Authorities Convene Following Coronation Week

                      AMARR PRIME - Empress Catiz I has convened inaugural meetings of the Privy and Theology Councils under her reign, moving quickly to act on the vision she laid out in her public address to the Imperial Guard following her coronation last week. Formally opening a full session of the Theology Council in Dam-Torsad's Hall of Divine Truth and Justice, Empress Catiz I asked the several thousand assembled deacons and justices of the council to carefully consider how "faith may truly be reconciled with [...]