Blood Raider Covenant Calls on Sani Sabik Cultists to "Rise Up" and Raid Military Cloning Facilities

New Eden News | YC118-10-17 - By Alton Haveri

ORVOLLE - Blood Raider Covenant leader Omir Sarikusa has broadcast a call for Sani Sabik cults to raid military cloning facilities across the four core empires of New Eden, whether they be in space or on planets.

The Scope's GalNet and FTL comms monitoring service picked up the open and unencrypted call by Omir Sarikusa early this morning. In remarks laden with Blood Raider and Sani Sabik imagery, Sarikusa calls for "the faithful of our covenant of blood to rise up and reclaim the purest flesh before it is sullied by the witches and the four beasts of the system".

The references to "witches" and "four beasts of the system" appear to refer to the Sisters of EVE and the "Big Four" CONCORD powers: the Amarr Empire, Caldari State, Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic. The Blood Raider Covenant maintains its own large force of raiding vessels, operating in widely dispersed "hunting parties" and has rarely called so openly on Sani Sabik cultists to take up arms.

The Blood Raider Covenant is an extreme and highly dangerous branch of the Sani Sabik sects that broke with the Amarr Empire many centuries ago. The extreme theology of the Covenant is not shared by all Sani Sabik cults, though some have rivalled it for ruthless and sadistic violence.

Isolated incidents within major cities of the four empires have been reported but it is not known if there have been actual raids on military facilities in response to Sarikusa's call. The military and internal security forces of the core empires are reported as being on full alert.