CONCORD Urges All Out Assault on Blood Raiders as Attacks on Cloning Facilities Continue

New Eden News | YC118-10-31 - By Alton Haveri

YULAI - CONCORD has issued a fresh call for independent capsuleers to join in an "all out assault against the Blood Raider Covenant's bases across New Eden" in response to continuing Blood Raider attacks on military and civilian cloning facilities.

As the Scope has reported, Blood Raider forces have switched from covert operations using their "Cold Iron" strike forces to brazen assaults in full force, utilizing their newest capital ship designs. Omir Sarikusa, leader of the Blood Raider Covenant, has continued to call on Sani Sabik cultists to rise up and has claimed that "all will become one with [him] in a Red Reclaiming". Analysts are divided as to whether his latest broadcasts represent Blood Raider beliefs or are intended as disruptive propaganda.

CONCORD and allied operations continue in space, while the sporadic planetary uprisings of Sani Sabik cultists in the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic appear to have been put down. The Federation has reported no significant instances of cult violence from Sani Sabik groups on its planetary holdings, while the Caldari State has confined itself to reporting that corporate security forces have "eliminated terrorists threats as they have arisen within State and corporation territories".

CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department has co-ordinated with the commands of the core empire navies and they have joined with the DED in urging a major offensive "to push the Blooder Raider threat back".