CONCORD Assembly Special Session Called by Inner Circle; Technology Sharing on the Agenda?

New Eden News | YC118-10-13 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - CONCORD's Inner Circle has issued an urgent notification of a special session of the CONCORD Assembly to be held at an undisclosed location. CONCORD Assembly delegates have been asked to be on standby at the CONCORD Bureau in Yulai on the morning of Friday 14th October. The DED has reportedly mobilized the Sanctum Fleet to its highest state of readiness in preparation.

While the subject of this special session is unknown, sources within the Secure Commerce Commission have told the Scope of much increased activity within the Interstellar Technology Sharing Audit and Inspection Office of the SCC. Known informally as the "AG12 Office", this is the SCC sub-agency responsible for the legal and commercial aspects of interstellar technology sharing under "Directive Alpha Gamma 12" of the Yulai Accords.

Controversially agreed late in the negotiations at the Yulai Accords, and codified in one of the many appendices to the legislation of the Yulai Convention, the AG12 directive on technology sharing has been an essential tool for CONCORD in its role of maintaining the interstellar balance of power. The Inspector General of Interstellar Technology Sharing is an almost unique instance of a post that controls sub-agencies of both the SCC and the DED.

Under the authority of Directive Alpha Gamma 12, the DED provides a standing "Warranted Regulation of Interstellar Technology Sharing" taskforce that has been the subject of more formal complaints to the Inner Circle by CONCORD Assembly delegates than any other DED agency, including the notorious SARO special forces unit. Sources at the SCC have claimed that officers of the WRITS taskforce have been present at discussions held by the AG12 Office at the SCC Depository orbiting Tar III.

Requests for clarification of the nature of the CONCORD Assembly special session, or comment on the increased activity by SCC and DED agencies, have been declined by the press offices of the CONCORD Assembly, Inner Circle, DED and SCC.