Blood Raider Covert Strike Forces Raid Cloning Facilities; CONCORD Urges Capsuleers to Destroy Raider Bases

New Eden News | YC118-10-18 - By Alton Haveri

YULAI - Multiple, widespread raids have been carried out across New Eden by covert strikes forces of the Blood Raider Covenant, according to emergency reports from all four core empires and CONCORD.

Early reports suggest that a large-scale operation against all four empires was carried out overnight by covert raiding parties making use of specialized stealth nanocoatings. One report intercepted by the Scope's sources indicates that Blood Raiders operating under the designation "Cold Iron" used the nanocoatings to defeat military early-warning systems. These raids are believed to have taken place as Blood Raider leader Omir Sarikusa issued calls for Sani Sabik cults to "rise up".

CONCORD has confirmed that Blood Raider Covenant forces have been engaged in military operations against members of the CONCORD Assembly and has issued a call to all independent capsuleers to assist the DED and the empires in striking back. The DED's General Odo Korachi has authorized the release of updated intelligence on Blood Raider Covenant bases, together with issuing an emergency update to scanning algorithms making it possible for sensor systems to penetrate the Cold Iron nanocoating.

For his part, the Blood Raider Covenant's Omir Sarikusa has continued to make open calls on Sani Sabik cultists to rise up and seize "pure flesh and blood in a new crimson harvest" from military cloning facilities. Scattered reports indicate that commercial cloning facilities have been caught up in apparent Sani Sabik attacks. A source within the Minmatar Republic has told the Scope that a military cloning facility in the Northern Mikramurka Steppes has been attacked by "Blood cult terrorists" but the report is unconfirmed.

The DED continues to urge capsuleers to destroy Blood Raiders wherever they can be found.