New Capsuleer Cloning Technology Developments Already in Use by CONCORD Powers; SOE "Bypassed CONCORD Treaties"

New Eden News | YC118-10-15 - By Lina Ambre

YULAI - New capsuleer cloning technology has been revealed to be in use by the four empires comprising the main CONCORD powers, according to a communique issued today at the conclusion of a special session of the CONCORD Assembly. Delegates from each empire confirmed that the new cloning technology is being used by their militaries to expand the pool of viable candidates for naval capsuleer recruitment. It has also been revealed that the Sisters of EVE supplied the specifications for the new technology to the four empires.

The Scope understands that the Inner Circle convened the meeting at a secure location on Yulai IX, at the request of the Interstellar Technology Audit and Inspection Office. This request was made under the Yulai Convention's technology sharing provisions, known as "Directive Alpha Gamma 12". Sources within the Amarr and Gallente delegations have confirmed that the special session was presented with evidence, by the Inspector General of Interstellar Technology, to the effect that the Amarr Imperial Navy and the Gallente Federation Navy had developed or acquired new cloning technology with a view to militarizing it.

The Assembly's proceedings were thrown into confusion when Special Representative Keitan Yun of the Minmatar Republic presented a declaration that the Republic Fleet are also in possession of the technology. The Caldari State delegation subsequently confirmed that the State's navy and megacorporation security forces are also well along in their development of military applications for the new technology.

In a turn of events that one source described as "satisfyingly embarrassing for the Inspector General", each delegation confirmed that they had been supplied the basic specifications of the technology by the SOE.

The official communique notes the "development of novel techniques in cloning and personality transfer technology", affirms the "legality of its use for military purposes by signatories to the Yulai Convention" and "regrets that the Sisters of EVE have seen fit to bypass CONCORD treaties and the proper procedures for the transfer and sharing of technology within the interstellar community".

The Sisters of EVE were approached by the Scope but declined to comment on the communique.