Republic Greets Roden Election With Optimism

New Eden News | YC111-12-03

Pator - The Minmatar government and its people welcomed news of Jacus Roden's election as the new Federation president, with Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor being one of the first to congratulate the president-elect on his victory. Shakor announced that he was looking forward to a "productive relationship" with the new Federation administration. "President-elect Roden and I agree that our nations must cooperate in order to survive and prosper in these trying times. A threat to either nation is a threat to both -- and we must treat them as such. "

Other Minmatar leaders echoed Shakor's statements, but public response has been largely indifferent. "Foiritan, Roden, doesn't make a difference to me," said Jandh Rehsmerold, a factory worker on Kulheim. "Their candidates are basically complete strangers. How are you supposed to make a good decision who to vote for? At least here in the Republic, they are members of our tribe."

Still, many in the Republic echoed the Sanmatar's hope for the future. "I don't know that much about Roden," admitted Ranniko Viftuin, a farmhand on Pator. "I do know that I have a lot of family that still lives in the Federation, though, and I want them to be safe. If Roden is the man that can do that, then I'm all for him."