Caldari Business Tribunal In Special Hearing Of Sukuuvestaa, Lai Dai

New Eden News | YC111-12-17

Maurasi - According to reports from sources within the Caldari Business Tribunal and the Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa Corporations, The Caldari Business Tribunal has called for a closed-doors hearing of representatives from the Sukuuvestaa and Lai Dai corporations, according to sources within the Tribunal and the megacorporations. Several directors of Lai Dai and Sukuuvestaa are expected to attend the special tribunal session tomorrow, the details of which remain largely unknown.

Both corporations have been enduring security strains in recent months, including a swathe of apparent sabotage attempts on Lai Dai assets and a series of terrorist assaults on Sukuuvestaa stations. The Caldari Business Tribunal initiated its own investigation last week into the attacks on Sukuuvestaa.

Further details will be reported as they are made available.