CBD Takes Drastic Steps in the Wake of Kaunokka Incident

New Eden News | YC111-10-21

Muvolailen - The CBD Corporation has announced a number of large-scale management changes at its subsidiaries, Deep Core Mining Inc. and Spacelane Patrol. Most experts are sure these steps are directly related to an incident at a DCMI moon mining facility in Kaunokka last month which claimed the lives of 25 workers, the aftermath of which was perceived as being very poorly handled, inciting criticism from the Caldari Providence Directorate among others.

Besides a number of middle-tier managers in the Kaunokka and Otasawa constellations, both the chief executive director and chief technical officer of the Kaunokka facility were fired. Deep Core Mining Inc.'s regional director in Otawasa was transferred to another position and reportedly suffered a hefty fine. According to some sources, the head of the investigation team at Spacelane Patrol was also sacked, although the corporation did not issue any statement on the matter.

Most of the positions were filled by CBD employees; however, Deep Core Mining Inc. has announced the appointment of Reita Wotimi, a spokeswoman for the DCMI workers at Kaunokka, to the position of chief technical officer at the moon mining station.

A source in DCMI who chose to remain anonymous says: "It was a bloodbath. CBD just stepped in and apparently decided to fire everyone who dealt with that strip mine - even the ones who could have had no relation to that incident whatsoever. I hear a lot of folks at Spacelane [Patrol] were kicked out too."

The experts believe this move to be a sign that CBD does not want to spoil its relationship with Tibus Heth's party. "It is clear the corporation intended to drop this matter quietly and did not expect that kind of public reaction," says Harod Keykko, a risk analyst at the State and Region Bank. "After Kajoinen's announcement, though, that was no longer an option."