Orthodox Amarr Faith Increasingly Supplanting Ammatar Church

New Eden News | YC111-11-10

Tanoo, Derelik - Officials of the Theology Council working in the Ammatar Mandate have released details of a formal 'Survey of Faith' carried out in Derelik during the last three months, the main finding of which is that the Ammatar Church is being steadily supplanted by the orthodox Imperial codification of the Amarr faith. While the Ardishapur regime in the Mandate has taken no steps against the Ammatar Church, and indeed has expressly re-affirmed it as a valid sect of the Amarrian faith, the Imperial rite of faith was declared the official religious doctrine of the Mandate by Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur on receipt of the Mandate as his personal fief.

Iris Selantar, a former lay preacher of the Ammatar Church now observing the Imperial rite, explained her decision to leave the traditional Ammatar sect for the orthodox church. "The invasion taught us many things - the incompetence of our nobles, the failures of our fleet and the spiritual poverty of so many Ammatar. I believe the destiny of the Ammatar people, and all Minmatar, lies in the holy embrace of Amarr and I feel that worshipping with the mother church of the Empire brings me closer to Amarr."

Subdeacon Ottoko Razirshz of the Theology Council mission in the Mandate confirmed that such feelings were typical of those Ammatar surveyed by his officials. "The Ammatar Church is a loyal and faithful branch of the great Amarr holy family," stated Subdeacon Razirshz. "However, it is clear that observance of the Imperial rite is growing in the Mandate. The Theology Council views this as in line with the goal of transforming the Mandate into a core domain of the Amarr Empire."