Further Attacks Against Sukuuvestaa Assets Revealed, Corporation to Increase Defense Spending

New Eden News | YC111-12-04

Saisio - Commander Aakonoshin Piertalen, head of Sukuuvestaa's Internal Security division, revealed that the megacorporation has suffered attacks against several of its bases, focused on recently established facilities in the Essence and Verge Vendor regions. "Sukuuvestaa has been the subject of a continuous campaign of aggression," says Piertalen. Several attacks have even taken place in Caldari high security space. "In response to this aggression, Sukuuvestaa will be greatly expanding the budget of its Internal Security division and the Peace and Order Unit," said Commander Piertalen.

Piertalen calls the instigators of these attacks "a highly organized group of Gallente terrorists seeking to deny the establishment of State rule in our new territories." Sukuuvestaa is one of the Caldari megacorporations that secured the most development rights of Gallente systems occupied by the Caldari State Protectorate.

"We have not seen any increase in terrorist activity," says a source in the Caldari Navy. "If there is a terrorist campaign on the rise, it is only affecting Sukuuvestaa. The Navy sees no reason to intervene."