Penal Brigade Drawn from Ammatar Mandate Sent to Support 24th Imperial Crusade

New Eden News | YC111-10-23

Sasta, Derelik - A freshly assembled penal brigade drawn from the Ammatar Mandate has been given orders sending it to support the efforts of the 24th Imperial Crusade. Grand Admiral Hastar Jibril of the Ammatar Fleet has posted orders transferring transport units of the Ammatar Fleet to temporary secondment with the 24th Imperial Crusade, and it is understood these will carry three full regiments of penal troopers to the Bleak Lands to serve as ground support for the 24th Imperial Crusade fleets.

The 1st Mandate Redemptionist Brigade is comprised of the 1st and 2nd Tanoo Redemptionist Regiments and the 1st Sasta Redemptionist Regiment. These regiments have been assembled using dishonored Ammatar Fleet personnel together with many civilians suspected or convicted of support for defectors and offered service in penal battalions in lieu of the harsher punishment of full slavery. The brigade is primarily a logistics and engineering formation. The 1st and 2nd Tanoo comprise logistical troops along with the 1st Sasta, which possesses a high proportion of former Ammatar Fleet personnel, providing combat experience.