Initial reaction to Garioss's Presidential campaign mixed

New Eden News | YC111-10-27

Reactions to Senator Vilard Garioss's Presidential bid have proven to be mixed, with supporters citing his positive reputation in the senate, commitment to peace, and background in economics, while detractors point to his low profile in Federation politics, opposition to the war, and inconsistent voting history on non-economic policies.

"Senator Garioss has long been popular with his constituents," said Kep Ekatemi, political analyst for the University of Caille. "He has been a stable hand in the government for over a decade. He is widely respected by his peers. He is known as an intelligent man, but one who is humble at the same time. And while he has not been at the center of any high-profile bills or movements, he has worked diligently behind the scenes to improve the well being of the Gallente people. He has chosen to make the war a central theme of his campaign, obviously focused on ending it. Anyone who knows the man would have predicted this; he is a great conciliator, wishing nothing more than for everyone to live in peace for the benefit of all. The Federation could use a man of his learning and compassion in these troubled times."

Stiff opposition to the Senator is rare, though political commentator Rourke L'feene has been among the most vocal in decrying his anti-war rhetoric. "The fact is, the Caldari State is run by a war mongering dictator who wants to see the Federation burned. They will not respond to peaceful overtures and putting someone as weak-willed as Vilard Garioss into power will be a death kneel for our great nation."

Many common people have responded with apathy to Senator Garioss's campaign, however. "I've never heard of him before now," said Lamia Ire, a student at the Center for Advanced Studies. "I know he's against the war, which I agree with, but I think he may be a little extreme in it. I'd really need to know more."