Hundreds Injured, Several Deaths in Explosion At Lai Dai Base

New Eden News | YC111-12-06

Nourvukaiken - A Lai Dai Corporation ammunition factory was destroyed late last night following a chain reaction starting in one of the installation's warehouses. Fourteen deaths have been confirmed, with over 500 injured workers in intensive care due to injuries sustained in the event. Lai Dai officials have called the explosion "an act of deliberate sabotage."

The event is thought to have started by the detonation of warheads stored in the base's warehouses, leading to the destruction of a majority of the stored ordinance and several of the facility's manufacturing arrays, as well as the warehouses themselves. Lai Dai Protection Service teams responded quickly and were at the location within minutes of the event.

Raustilo Nesenoilen, representing the Internal Security division of the Lai Dai Corporation, Noted in response to the attack, "The Lai Dai Corporation will not tolerate this unprovoked hostility, and our enemies can expect fierce resistance in the future."