Interstellar Correspondents

News from the New Eden cluster with a special focus on the activities of the capsuleers who roam interstellar space.

Don't Miss the Seventh Alliance Tournament Broadcasts!

  • YC111-08-31

    The 7th Alliance Tournament is the ultimate battlefield in which the top pilots in EVE Online fight for the glory and honor of their Alliance. Sixty-four alliances will compete over three weekends of intense, explosive action, with the final weekend broadcast live via EVETV. You can listen to Qualifying Round 1 this weekend, September 5 and 6, and Qualifying Round 2, September 12 and 13, on EVE Voice as well as on EVERADIO, Split Infinity Radio and New Eden Radio. Then EVETV takes the reins, [...]

    New Eden Radio Celebrates First Anniversary

    • YC111-08-30

      Monday, August 31st marks the one year anniversary of New Eden Radio. New Eden Radio [NER] was founded by Tempest3K with the help of Codey28. Run solely by volunteers, they attempt to provide music, news, information and entertainment to the New Eden community. Tempest3K explained how New Eden Radio was born: "New Eden Radio came about mainly through myself and a couple of other staff just generally chatting about the fact that there wasn't a station concentrating on New Eden and it's community as a [...]

      Intaki Liberation Front Delivers Aid to Intaki Prime

      • YC111-08-29

        Intaki Prime, Placid - Since May, the Intaki Liberation Front [ILF] has been delivering aid in the form of giant secure containers filled with relief supplies anchored above Intaki Prime in an attempt to ease the shortages the planet is currently suffering from. Donated items have come from both their own hangars and the market place. Sumerio Rayej of the [ILF] tells as that: "We have to buy the items away from Intaki and then transport them it through low sec to get it to Intaki... I've personally [...]

        EBANK Crisis Prompts Eve Central Reserve To Delay Launch

        • YC111-08-28

          Raussinen, Lonetrek - Eve Central Reserve (ECR) will not open to the public for at least another two weeks, bank's representatives confirmed. The announcement came after ECR's board of directors decided that the market's turmoil due to EBANK's crisis may overshadow the launch phase of their new service. Grendell confirmed that ECR's opening has been postponed, adding that its staff will use this time to improve security on the bank's procedures: "it is something needed due to the current state of the [...]

          GoonSwarm Downs Triumvirate. Titan in 319-3D

          • YC111-08-26

            319-3D, Delve - Triumvirate. Alliance [TRI] lost a titan last week as it fell victim to some bad luck and a waiting GoonSwarm [OHGOD] trap. The Avatar-class Titan, piloted by Sokra, a member of the DOOM. Corporation and [TRI], was tackled, and destroyed during an attempt to save a [TRI] tower. According to Sokra, "[the] target was to defend our staging [tower] at [planet] 9-[moon]22, with double [doomsday]." The intent of the two titans was to deprive [OHGOD] dreadnoughts of their support fleet, "but [...]

            Second Freespace Summit Successfully Concluded

            • YC111-08-26

              New Eden, Genesis - On 16th August 111, The Star Fraction alliance succesfully held the second Freespace Summit. During the event, representatives from Ushra'Khan, Electus Matari and The Star Fraction shared their views on how the Freespace ideals can be brought to all capsuleers. Heartstone, who acted as chairman, opened the discussion pointing out that the recent discovery of wormholes has represented an improvement in capsuleer's freedom of movement. However, Heartstone also reminded the audience [...]

              EBANK Releases Financial Statements Revealing Depth of Crisis

              • YC111-08-26

                In a statement released yesterday Ray McCormack, chairman of EBANK, announced the astonishing news that the organisation currently has a deficit of 1.2 trillion ISK. Furthermore, to maintain the stability of the bank they are suspending withdrawals, and interest payments, on all accounts held with them until such time as the bank's balance sheet is restored to strength. When asked how long it might take until normal service resumes, Ray McCormack commented: "we're aiming for a year." The magnitude of [...]

                Burn Eden Loses Titan in 6QBH-S

                • YC111-08-25

                  6QBH-S, Stain - The Systematic-Chaos alliance and allies destroyed a BURN EDEN titan on Sunday night. Twenty-eight capitals were also lost in the engagement. According to several reports, [SYS-K] fleet commanders anticipated that two titans belonging to BURN EDEN would attempt to ambush their fleet as they jumped into the 6QBH-S solar system. Two doomsdays were fired on the inbound stargate but only caught eight vessels. [SYS-K] managed to tackle Syrian's titan once heavy interdictors arrived at the [...]

                  EVE-Trade Announces Merger With Eve Central Reserve

                  • YC111-08-23

                    Raussinen, Lonetrek - Yesterday, representatives from EVE-Trade and Eve Central Reserve announced that the two companies will merge and open to the general public within the end of the month. In the brief press statement, LadyOfWrath and Selene D'Celeste confirmed that EVE-Trade's stock exchange will be available within Eve Central Reserve's portal site. However, eager investors who were waiting to use EVE-Trade's stock service will have to wait another week. According to Selene D'Celeste of Eve [...]

                    Ushra'Khan and CVA Bring Allies to 2J-WJY Fight

                    • YC111-08-21

                      2J-WJY, Catch - On 15 August 111, combined forces from Ushra'Khan, Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] and Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] clashed against elements from Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL] and Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]. More than 600 capsuleers participated in the day-long fray and considerable losses were reported on both sides. According to battle reports, two towers and a cyno jammer defended by CVA and its allies (also known as 'proviblock') were ultimately destroyed. During the battle's [...]

                      Shintaht Becomes Capital System

                      • YC111-08-20

                        Shintaht, Providence - Following completion of an outpost orbiting the famed planet Konrakas, Rosa Alba, a corporation within the Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] announced Shintaht will be made into a capital system. Felton Fundenberger, CEO of Rosa Alba, said that it was something that they had always aimed for. He stated: "Recognition of the Empire is something we have always wanted and been fighting for. We want it by our actions against enemies of the empire. ISK is not the means to Empire [...]

                        Azia Burgi To Resume Cemetery Services

                        • YC111-08-19

                          Molea, Khanid Kingdom - Azia Burgi has confirmed that she intends to resume burial services in the next few weeks. Azia, who is currently looking for benefactors willing to finance the cemetery's expenses, explained that the endeavor will cost about 1.3 Billion ISK to purchase the cemetery's starbase while refueling costs are estimated at about 300 Million ISK per Month. "I [still] have a very long way to go. I only have enough personal funds to fuel it for a month or two at the most," she said. To [...]

                          Large Scale Capital Battle in Scalding Pass Leads to Significant Losses

                          • YC111-08-18

                            J2-PZ6, SCALDING PASS - One hundred and sixty-six capital class vessels met their demise in a fierce, hour long engagement that began around 23:48 last night. The incident touched off when a combined Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] and Against All Authorities [.-A-.] fleet numbering around seventy-five capitals reportedly hot dropped a fifteen to twenty man RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] "capital bait fleet" who were sieging a Cult of War [-COW-] station. Minutes later ten GoonSwarm [OHGOD] dreadnoughts entered the [...]

                            Black Ops Fleet Claims Morsus Mihi Mining Operation

                            • YC111-08-16

                              PNDN-V, TRIBUTE - A large Morsus Mihi [RAWR] mining operation consisting of at least seventy-one vessels fell victim to The Initiative [INIT.] shortly after 16:00 yesterday. Acting on intelligence received from within RAWR, The Initiative opened a covert portal into the cyno jammed PNDN-V utilizing a Panther-class black operations vessel. The portal was transited by approximately twelve stealth bombers who proceeded to warp into a strike position before releasing their payload of mostly thermal bombs. [...]

                              BREAKING NEWS: Violent Clashes Reported in 2J-WJY

                              • YC111-08-16

                                2J-WJY, Catch - In the last 24 hours, the system of 2J-WJY has been the scene of several violent clashes, during which more than 1400 ships and 493 pods were lost. Preliminary reports indicate the fight began when two starbases and a cyno jammer belonging to Cold Steel Alliance were attacked by elements of Ushra'Khan and Against All Authorities. During the day-long fights the two towers were reportedly reinforced. According to Marcus Griffin, both the attacking and the defending fleet are mainly [...]

                                Stranded Pilot Rescued From Wormhole

                                • YC111-08-14

                                  Orien, Molden Heath - HONDAMAN, the Tengu pilot stranded in an unknown wormhole has just been rescued and brought back to civilization. The capsuleer was rescued by Anhenka, a pilot flying under Rising Phoenix Alliance's flag. Anhenka, who is not a professional rescuer, was flying a probe frigate when he scanned down a spatial anomaly: "I found the [wormhole] entrance to J24949 earlier today at around 16:00, in the system of Unertek. I noticed the system designation and contacted HONDAMAN's CEO" he [...]

                                  Tumultuous Times for Amarr and Minmatar Militias

                                  • YC111-08-14

                                    METROPOLIS - The corporation Dark-Rising parted ways with the Minmatar Militia last week just two days after Amarr Militia corporation Gunship Diplomacy announced it was leaving the Empire's service for frontier space. Compounding the Minmatar loss, the former Minor Threat [KARMA] corporation Digital Fury recently pledged allegiance to the Empire while Minmatar loyalist corporation Reikoku disappeared from the factional warfare front with little fanfare earlier this week. "With both militias, [...]

                                    Black Ops Fleet Downs Carrier

                                    • YC111-08-14

                                      KLMT-W , Curse - Dirt Nap Squad [D-N-S], a corporation specializing in clandestine warfare, proved that a Black Ops lead fleet can effectively infiltrate and inflict severe losses deep into enemy space when they successfully engaged and destroyed an Archon-class carrier with a completely covert fleet. With a variety of stealth bombers, recon ships, and a lone Widow, a 20-man fleet stalked and destroyed an Archon-class carrier owned by Elite Aeronautic Developer Syndicate while they were reportedly in [...]

                                      Stranded Capsuleer Offers One Billion ISK Reward For Rescue

                                      • YC111-08-13

                                        J124949, Uncharted Space - A one billion ISK reward has been offered by capsuleer HONDAMAN to anyone able to rescue him from within a wormhole system. HONDAMAN is flying a valuable Tengu class cruiser and is stuck within a system ranked as 'extremely dangerous'. "My current position is J124949 Solar System which is a class 5 ranked wormhole system. I am flying a well tanked Tengu without an advanced scanning facility to scan down Wormholes... I have tried to contact some of the numerous wormhole [...]

                                        T.R.I.A.D Agency Completes Successful Year of Operation

                                        • YC111-08-13

                                          Teonusude, Molden Heath - New Eden's first capsuleer funded agency has recently completed a successful year. According to Det Resprox, T.R.I.A.D's CEO, the corporation has offered 1427 missions in the past twelve months, 124 of those in just the last 30 days. In addition, the number of capsuleers using TRIAD's agents has jumped by a little over 100. The corporation has recently joined the Minmatar militia and expanded its mission portfolio accordingly. Det Resprox explains that T.R.I.A.D's combat [...]

                                          BIG Lottery Held For Three Titans

                                          • YC111-08-10

                                            New Eden - BIG has announced that they will be raffling off three Titans in what appears to be one of the highest payouts for a lottery that New Eden has ever seen. Being more than just a catchy name, The BIG 'Triple-Titan' Lottery will be giving away an Avatar class and two Erebus class titans fully fit for travel. Less than one month ago, Otherworld Enterprises CEO, Chribba, held a similar lottery for a single Erebus class titan. Eclipsing that lottery by a fairly comfortable margin, this event [...]

                                            Sylph Alliance Reorganizes After Leadership Change

                                            • YC111-08-06

                                              IS-R7P, Catch - Sylph alliance has recently overhauled its directorship and most of its combat force, sources inside the alliance confirmed. Despite losing about five hundred capsuleers and an undisclosed number of corporations in just about one month, the alliance's political situation appears stable and a new leadership has been appointed. kueen1, the new alliance's leader, explains that after Drakmor's resignation, the streamlining was due and losses were expected. "Drakmor has been the backbone [...]

                                              Capital Engagement in Omam Nears Record Losses

                                              • YC111-08-06

                                                OMAM, KADOR - A Tuesday morning siege of a Cry Havoc [C H] dysprosium moon by the Northern Coalition ended in a near record breaking capital ship engagement. Pandemic Legion [-10.0] hotdropped the operation with the assistance of a large support contingent from Cry Havoc and allied pirate elements. The battle began just after midnight and lasted until approximately 04:00. In the end, it is believed that one hundred and thirteen capital class vessels met their demise - falling just eleven ships short [...]

                                                BIG Enterprises Launches New Trust Fund

                                                • YC111-08-05

                                                  <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Deep space is home to many dangers, and while some thrive on the challenge, there are those who eventually wish to set down the banner of war, pursue other paths, and possibly even retire. To this end, a new branch of the wildly popular BIG Enterprises has been unveiled, aimed at passing on a retired capsuleer's greatest assets to his friends so that they may flourish after his departure. BIG Trust Fund is [...]

                                                  Gen Tec corporation announces 'Can Hunt' game

                                                  • YC111-08-04

                                                    <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Oursulaert, Essence - On August 6, 111 at 01:00, Oursulaert system will be the site of the first Can Hunt game hosted by Syberbolt8 of Gen Tec corporation. A total value of one billion ISK in prizes has been alloted and top prizes include pilot's license extensions, a Vexor Navy Issue, a Gila cruiser, a Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive, and several scanning packages. Syberbolt8 has stated that there will be no [...]

                                                    Solar Fleet Clashes With Wildly Inappropriate in CFYY-J

                                                    • YC111-08-04

                                                      <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> CFYY-J, Geminate - The Solar Fleet alliance engaged a fleet of Wildly Inappropriate and its allies last Saturday afternoon. The fight lasted for nearly two hours and resulted in approximately 70 capital ship casualties in total. More than 300 pilots took part in the fight, including 90 Dreadnought and 40 Carrier class ships. Approximately 120 of the participating pilots were allied to Solar Fleet, facing an [...]

                                                      CONCORD Releases CORPS Briefing

                                                      • YC111-08-03

                                                        CONCORD has recently released it's third declassified CONCORD Outer Region Political Summary (CORPS) briefing previously limited to distribution among Member Nations, the Assembly itself, and DED watch commanders. The CORPS briefing is a periodic summary of alliance politics in regions considered to be outside of CONCORD's direct control. The purpose of the briefings are to educate the aforementioned parties of shifting influences in null-sec space in a concise and easy to understand format. The CORPS [...]

                                                        EBANK Appoints New Chairman

                                                        • YC111-08-03

                                                          <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Hek, Metropolis - Ray McCormack has been appointed the new Chairman of the Board at EBANK after his predecessor, Hexxx, stepped down at the end of his six-month tenure. Former EBANK chairman, Hexxx, announced he would not be standing for another term as chairman, stepping down to pursue a new project involving the securitization of insurance policies. When the vote to appoint his replacement was called, Ray [...]

                                                          Ushra'Khan addresses Capsuleers in Providence and Catch

                                                          • YC111-08-03

                                                            <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> IS-R7P, Catch - Ushra'Khan alliance transmitted a simulcast message to residents of Providence, Catch and the system of Amarr. The broadcast, transmitted on 02.08.111, originated in IS-R7P and was relayed through local channels in an estimated 70 systems, including several key locations in Sylph and Curatores Veritatis Alliance sovereign space. While the simulcast confirmed the well-known anti-slaver position [...]

                                                            Eight Motherships Deployed in Tama as Tribute to a Fallen Comrade

                                                            • YC111-08-02

                                                              <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> TAMA - The Citadel - In the early hours of 1st August eight mothership class vessels representing the four main races of New Eden entered the Tama system with the intention of destroying as many Caldari Militia forces as possible. These eight motherships had been commissioned by Channel 4 News Team [CHN 4] to aid the Gallente Militia in their struggle with the Caldari. The idea was " bring a force unseen [...]

                                                              Ships Of Eve Race Concludes Succesfully At Eve Gate

                                                              • YC111-08-01

                                                                <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> Jita, The Forge - More than 20 pilots rushed from Jita to the Eve Gate during the first 'Ships Of Eve' race this past Friday. Held by the 'Ships of Eve' lottery to promote ticket sales, the event was described by T'Amber as being a success. She said: "Although a lot less people than I thought would turn up, it was enjoyable. There was drama and ganking and people made it through and had fun." Mister Tregiew [...]

                                                                Mothership down echos in Tama

                                                                • YC111-08-01

                                                                  <img src='' width='350' height='50' /> TAMA - The Citadel - In the early hours of 1st August eight mothership class vessels representing the four main races of New Eden entered the Tama system with the intention of destroying as many Caldari Milita forces as possible. Early reports are telling us that of the eight motherships only two made it out, as the Channel 4 News Team forces were engaged not by Caldari militia pilots but by pilots from the [...]