Black Ops Fleet Claims Morsus Mihi Mining Operation

PNDN-V, TRIBUTE - A large Morsus Mihi [RAWR] mining operation consisting of at least seventy-one vessels fell victim to The Initiative [INIT.] shortly after 16:00 yesterday.

Acting on intelligence received from within RAWR, The Initiative opened a covert portal into the cyno jammed PNDN-V utilizing a Panther-class black operations vessel. The portal was transited by approximately twelve stealth bombers who proceeded to warp into a strike position before releasing their payload of mostly thermal bombs. Sensor logs indicate the vast majority of the RAWR mining ships withstood only two detonations.

The final tally stands at fifty-five exhumers, eleven barges, and five industrials.

In response to questions regarding the surprise attack, Vuk Lau of RAWR reported "We were trying to get rid of the excess and useless ships. Our old friends The Initiative helped us with that."

Scout Black of The Initiative noted that all the credit for the successful operation belonged to Sister Bliss, fleet commander of The Initiative forces.

GalNet References

The Initiative Battle Log

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