Gen Tec corporation announces 'Can Hunt' game

Oursulaert, Essence - On August 6, 111 at 01:00, Oursulaert system will be the site of the first Can Hunt game hosted by Syberbolt8 of Gen Tec corporation.

A total value of one billion ISK in prizes has been alloted and top prizes include pilot's license extensions, a Vexor Navy Issue, a Gila cruiser, a Gistii B-Type 1MN MicroWarpdrive, and several scanning packages. Syberbolt8 has stated that there will be no entry fees.

A Gila-Class VesselCapsuleers will be required to use scan probes to locate 30 medium-sized drones scattered around Oursulaert. Each drone will be sitting in close proximity to a small secure container and each container will deliver a prize.

While scanning medium-sized drones is close in difficulty to scanning down frigates, the hunt will be complicated by Oursulaert's nature as mission hub. "I expect a lot of drones to be in the system already," Syberbolt8 explained.

This is the first time Syberbolt8 has organized such a Can Hunt game but if this first event should go well, he has said he hopes to host further games with richer prizes.

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