BIG Lottery Held For Three Titans

New Eden - BIG has announced that they will be raffling off three Titans in what appears to be one of the highest payouts for a lottery that New Eden has ever seen. Being more than just a catchy name, The BIG 'Triple-Titan' Lottery will be giving away an Avatar class and two Erebus class titans fully fit for travel.

Less than one month ago, Otherworld Enterprises CEO, Chribba, held a similar lottery for a single Erebus class titan. Eclipsing that lottery by a fairly comfortable margin, this event should once again place BIG firmly atop the list of entities who regularly hold such notable lotteries. Capsuleers all around New Eden have taken notice of this event and are quickly grabbing up tickets.

The cost per ticket is 10 million isk, with no limit to the number of tickets purchased by an individual. In addition, each ticket will be valid for each draw, so it is possible for the same ticket to win all three titans. Chances to enter the lottery will end when 30,000 tickets have been sold. For details on how to enter the drawing, follow BIG's GalNet reference link.

GalNet References:

BIG Triple Titan Lottery.

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