EVE-Trade Announces Merger With Eve Central Reserve

Raussinen, Lonetrek - Yesterday, representatives from EVE-Trade and Eve Central Reserve announced that the two companies will merge and open to the general public within the end of the month.Eve Central Reserve HQ

In the brief press statement, LadyOfWrath and Selene D'Celeste confirmed that EVE-Trade's stock exchange will be available within Eve Central Reserve's portal site.

However, eager investors who were waiting to use EVE-Trade's stock service will have to wait another week.

According to Selene D'Celeste of Eve Central Reserve, the bank's 'open beta' phase due to launch this weekend has been postponed to allow integration of EVE-Trade's functionalities.

"We were both about to launch this weekend, but got to talking, and we came to an agreement where EVE-Trade does not launch, LadyOfWrath comes onto our Board of Directors, and we develop a single exchange," explained Selene D'Celeste.

LadyOfWrath confirmed that stock exchange will remain her primary concern while working with ECR: "it is in the best interest of the exchange to be tied into a bank either directly or not. In this case [capsuleers] will be able to use funds deposited within the bank throughout the exchange, increasing the flexibility of the entire corporation."

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