Ushra'Khan and CVA Bring Allies to 2J-WJY Fight

2J-WJY, Catch - On 15 August 111, combined forces from Ushra'Khan, Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] and Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.] clashed against elements from Cold Steel Alliance [STEEL] and Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA]. More than 600 capsuleers participated in the day-long fray and considerable losses were reported on both sides.

According to battle reports, two towers and a cyno jammer defended by CVA and its allies (also known as 'proviblock') were ultimately destroyed.Bubbled Tower in 2J-WJY

During the battle's initial stages, both side took significant casualties. "[Against ALL Authorities] and [Ushra'Khan] were unable to get the upper hand," explained Sapphrine, adding that ATLAS pilots who joined later in the fight, ultimately decided the battle.

CALPEPE, an ATLAS capsuleer, recalls: "i spent all my engagement bouncing every gate shooting every single hostile i got in sight."

Dyntheos of CVA, expressed his alliance's satisfaction with the battle's outcome: "I believe the total kill/loss balance in terms of ships is even over the day... there are still two Steel towers up i believe... [however] Sov 3 has been broken for now," he admitted.

Hovever, Sapphrine, of Ushra'Khan, promptly dismissed CVA's claims of even a marginal victory: "[We] have always stated that their objective is to hold the space. Whenever we win a fight they invariably claim to have won... as they held the space at the end."

While Dyntheos of CVA acknowledges that Ushra'Khan "has gathered greater confidence fighting alongside their [allies]," he also adds that "[Against ALL Authorities] and [ATLAS] are... probably the most powerful coalitions in the cluster... if [Ushra'Khan] had to muster a full fleet to combat the 'provibloc' forces, it means they fear us."

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